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  1. Cooking Tainted Boar Meat

    Had my boar slaughtered. During that time heard about boar taint. I had my boar to close to my sow during her farrow time. The butcher warned me. The smell and sometimes taste is over powering. But i dont want to waist the meat. Ive searched and cant find any recipes online. Only heard mexican...
  2. Best Meat Quality?

    I just wanted to get some opinions from those who know. I am wanting just a couple feeders for my family and some close friends. I would like a darker/more red meat with good marbling. Also, the more bacon the better (that goes without saying I am sure). What breeds should I be on the look out...
  3. Butcher Rooster

    My mom culled 7 chicks out of her flock for me to start my own. 2 of them turned out to be roosters, and I don't need 2 for such a small flock. I'm pretty sure I could do a halfway decent job, but are there any tips and tricks to get it done quickly, cleanly, and most of all humanely?
  4. NC Pig Slaughter/Butcher Law

    I am moving to NC! Can someone point me in the right direction to find law regarding, raising, slaughtering and butchering a pig for sale to public (not just friends and family). Small scale, no more than 50 pigs a year. Preferably, I would like to do it all at home/on site. Thanks in advance.