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  1. Alternative Health
    As the sun warms up some parts of the country, but not all, bugs start coming out. That means stings, itches, rashes, allergic reactions, and even, in some cases, diseases. This very strong and very effective bug spray will keep you and your loved ones bite and sting free in the coming months...
  2. Livestock
    I was in the shop looking for some bugs. I had no idea there were so many bugs that people keep in their home. Most of these seem to be food for pets and chickens. Some are food for people. I'm curious if anyone here raises bugs as a livestock feed or for other reasons?
  3. Homesteading Questions
    Hello Recently I've noticed tiny bugs moving slowly in our bathrooms and kitchen, I've seen a few dead ones on the side of the bathtub, and on the floors with a few of them stuck to the back of the carpets. I managed to take a picture of one on a towel, picture linked below. I'm not sure if this...
1-3 of 3 Results