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  1. Introductions
    Small family breeder of mixed mutt Rabbits. Breeds include New Zealand, Standard Rex, TAMUK Composits (Texas A&M Kingsville) We currently are trying to raise a bottle calf rejected by mom. He is blind, but is learning to navigate pretty good. We also have 2 four month old pigs. They are...
  2. Cattle
    Hi I'm kinda worried about my bottle calves they seem pretty skinny and i was wondering if it's normal for them to look like this, they get 4qts of milk a day and they've started eating calf food
  3. Cattle
    Hello I got bottle calves this weekend and the guy i bought them from told me that he gets his formula from a co-op near his house. I didn't want to switch their diet so i got the formula he gets, so now the calves are home and the first two days i gave them 2qts of sav a calf electrolyte powder...
  4. Cattle
    hi! im new to this website and bottle calves lol, so me and my brother purchased 2 angus bottle bulls (that are about 12-16 days old) yesterday and i have some questions how long should i be bottle feeding them before we start weaning? and how fast should they be drinking the 2qt bottles? and...
  5. Cattle
    So I have an approximately 7-8 week on Holstein bull calf that we are weaning. He is not running fever and appears not to be dehydrated. We are feeding a 12% protein pellet once in the morning and access to hay all day long. He is acting lively and is able to stand. His eyes look bright and he...
1-5 of 5 Results