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  1. female yearling boer goat found dead

    We bought a young boer goat just a few months ago so our other boer (female) goat had some company. They were buddies. They were in with 8 ewes (sheep). We found the yearling lying in the shed on her back, dead. No sign of trauma. We are baffled. About 3 weeks later, our other boer died...
  2. Help Needed ASAP! 5 week old Bottle Kid won't Eat

    I have a 5 week old bottle kid who will not take his bottle. He is a commercial boer and a 4-h goat He has been wormed with Safegaurd, and raised on high quality replacer. So far has been doing well. Last night he took 2/3 of his milk, this morning he did not get his bottle! Long story but he...