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  1. Pigs
    Looking to purchase a new boar. Proven or unproven. Can be newly weaned. I'm in Grand Rapids MN, would like to not have to drive a million miles, but I know I'll need to do some traveling.
  2. Pigs
    Had my boar slaughtered. During that time heard about boar taint. I had my boar to close to my sow during her farrow time. The butcher warned me. The smell and sometimes taste is over powering. But i dont want to waist the meat. Ive searched and cant find any recipes online. Only heard mexican...
  3. Pigs
    Howdy guys. We took a wild pig yesterday and although he's pretty much a perfect animal in age, balls not dropped yet but about 70lbs, there were a lot of crawlies on him already. Texas has warmed up so much that Spring is sprung, as it were. We normally stop taking pigs when the weather is...
  4. Homesteading Questions
    My wife and I are brand new to farming/homesteading. We just got three feeder pigs to raise and are looking to get into something else also. All my like I have loved goats, growing up on and off we had one as a pet here and there. I was thinking about getting into meat goats but the problem I am...
1-4 of 4 Results