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  1. Never ending bloat?

    Fairly new to sheep, we have a jacob ram that appears to have a case of never ending bloat. We first noticed that his stomach looked huge and even though he was still acting completely normal, we did the baking soda drench in a panic, thinking he was close to death based on all we had read about...
  2. dead rabbits

    my rabbits are contracting bloat. I have tried everything that I have been advised. I have lost kits while still in the litter pen with their doe. I have lost entire litters after 8 weeks before weaning. I have had other litters be just fine and grow to producing adults with nothing done...
  3. Help! What’s wrong with my lamb?

    Hi, I’m new on here and I can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with one of my lambs. I went out to feed and noticed this lamb looked bloated so the next day gave her some baking soda and water as well as some mineral oil. Also gave her a belly massage to put some pressure on her sides. I ran...
  4. Bloating 4week old orphan lamb.

    I have a four week old orphan lame that bloats about every three or four days. I have been treating him with baking soda water but need to know if there’s something I can do to keep him from bloating. He is on milk replacer and cane hay.
  5. Wether off feed and licking salt

    I have a 3 year old wether here in snowy Maine that I found three days ago lying down with head upright, breathing heavily, grinding his teeth, and foaming at the mouth a bit. The galvanized can of chicken feed had been nudged out from under a heavy table and the lid pushed off. I had sprained...
  6. Bummer Lamb seems bloated

    We inherited a bummer lamb we have been bottle feeding. He is 6 weeks old and now eating a lot of the grass that grows in the pen where we have him. It was a pen that previously had goats. It seems like he is constantly bloated and I've been told it is probably the grass. We have never had a...
  7. Vitalix Tub Causing Bloat in Sheep?

    Hello, Until recently, we only had two ewes. They are on pasture, but it is dead (no irrigation). We were feeding alfalfa, but noticed the sheep looked pregnant or bloated. We have always offered the Vitalix Tub (formulated for sheep) to meet their free choice mineral requirement and give them...