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  1. Beekeeping
    I have a question for anyone that keeps bees and chickens. Will chickens eat the live bees? I have a bee yard/orchard and I want to let the chickens in to help clean up. I am just envisioning a chicken sitting outside of the hive eating the bees as they land on the hive. Should I worry or should...
  2. Beekeeping
    Well, I gave one hive to a neighbor, and then my remaining hive swarmed, leaving 6 empty queen cells and only a few bees. As in maybe 4 dozen workers. I figured the hive was toast Today I took it apart, freezing the empty combs to kill any pests. I noticed they are now down to 2 dozen worker...
  3. Gardening & Plant Propagation
    I did some weeding today and saw what I had some how over looked when watering the last few days, my eggplant is supporting a thriving colony of aphids and ants. So I got my handy 7 dust and got to work. I know 7 dust kills bees as well so my question is dose anyone know something not bad for...
1-4 of 4 Results