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  1. Battery Replacement / Upgrade

    Alternative Energy
    Good Morning folks I've reached a point where I want to upgrade my existing battery bank and am considering various options (more available now than 5 years ago ! ). I am looking at LifePO4 and Li-Ion variants and budget of course is a driving issue, to that end I have no issues with DIY'ing a...
  2. Equalize Battery Bank

    Alternative Energy
    Hello All We have been homesteading in an off grid location (hydro is not an option) for the last 17 years. I have slowly been expanding and making improvements to our power supply. I have a problem caused by a new inverter purchase. For long-term battery life, you should never, ever, exceed...
  3. Expand Battery Bank?

    Alternative Energy
    Hello kids! Three years ago I purchased a 4kw 48v Solar package. 9 panels, Magna Inverter/Controller, 8 Rolls 440 ah FLA batteries. In all honesty, I knew little about batteries and little about using them properly. That lack of knowledge led to the loss of all 8 batteries after only 4 months...