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  1. Alternative Energy
    Good Morning folks I've reached a point where I want to upgrade my existing battery bank and am considering various options (more available now than 5 years ago ! ). I am looking at LifePO4 and Li-Ion variants and budget of course is a driving issue, to that end I have no issues with DIY'ing a...
  2. Alternative Energy
    Hello All We have been homesteading in an off grid location (hydro is not an option) for the last 17 years. I have slowly been expanding and making improvements to our power supply. I have a problem caused by a new inverter purchase. For long-term battery life, you should never, ever, exceed...
  3. Alternative Energy
    Hello kids! Three years ago I purchased a 4kw 48v Solar package. 9 panels, Magna Inverter/Controller, 8 Rolls 440 ah FLA batteries. In all honesty, I knew little about batteries and little about using them properly. That lack of knowledge led to the loss of all 8 batteries after only 4 months...
1-3 of 3 Results