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  1. shipping container- shop

    Homesteading Questions
    Getting a 40ft shipping container next week. Looking for ideas from actual people who have attempted to build a shop around a container. Saw on Pinterest that some have used them on the sides- add trusses, and enclosed center. Has anyone done this?
  2. Saving old previously flooded barn.

    Homestead Construction
    I want to save an old barn on my property. It's been flooded many times and was out of commission when I bought the property. It's about 20' by 40'. The bottom foot of siding and post is totally ruined, everything above is looking very good. I'm planning on jacking it up and replacing the...
  3. Homestead for sale in Ferrum, VA (24088), 14.49ac, home, barn, creek, etc

    Real Estate
    Ready to start homesteading? In Southern Virginia. This place is READY TO GO, the infrastructure is all there: home, barn, spring-fed creek, driveway, clean well, electricity, internet. Very private but not isolated. Just needs some TLC. For multiple reasons we cannot do it anymore and are...
  4. Barn/Shop layout assistance

    Homestead Construction
    I'm doing a building project this fall and could use some input on the best possible layout for the structure. The barn/shop will be as described, a barn and work shop combined in one. I know it's not ideal but in the meantime this is what we can make happen since we are starting a small farm...
  5. Barn/Greenhouse Ideas

    Homestead Construction
    I am wondering if anyone has a small barn/greenhouse that are connected say, side by side, or a barn that is half utility, half greenhouse. I intend on getting a tractor and it will have to be housed in the barn... But before I start looking into barns I wanted to see how complicated it would...
  6. building bank barn

    Homestead Construction
    Looking for information on bank barn cost and requirements. Any books or websites that detail building specs? specifically block or poured wall first floor, thickness? load requirements for second story (laminated beam size, spacing) insulating Location of the build is on a hill. First...