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  1. Online Recipe Book
    Out of complete curiosity, How can a person convert an electric recipe to an non-electric recipe?
  2. General Chat
    DISCLAIMER: THIS QUESTION IS JUST OUT OF CURIOSITY! I AM NOT GOING TO PLAY BLACKSMITH NOT NOW NOT EVER! How does a blacksmith create a waffle iron and waffle maker?
  3. Online Recipe Book
    This is for those who want to make cereal from scratch beyond granola, muesli and grape-nuts. Plus, This is for those skeptics who believe a home cook needs special equipment to make cereal. 1.) Homemade Rice Krispies Cereal 2.) 3.) Homemade cocoa pops recipe | BBC Good Food 4.) 5.)...
  4. Online Recipe Book
    Out of curiosity, Will How to Make Easy Emergency Bread work with Homemade Two-Ingredient Chocolate Chips | Amy's Healthy Baking
  5. Online Recipe Book
    I want to turn homemade cookie crisp cereal up a level by making mini chocolate chips because I know homemade tastes better than store-bought. Here's what google got me: how to make mini chocolate chips - Google Search
  6. Online Recipe Book
    What cold cereal can homesteaders make besides granola, muesli and grape-nuts? I want to bake any homemade cereal using off-grid baking options because i'm that kind of homesteader
  7. Dairy
    Is it possible to make instant powdered milk using this recipe?
  8. Cooking
    How would you make Homemade Bran Cereal Flakes (Three Ways), Homemade Corn Flakes Cereal, and Step aside, Cocoa Puffs... There's an easy (healthier) homemade version in town in an non-electric kitchen?
  9. Cooking
    I just ordered a Mockmill 100 grain mill and am anxious to start milling my own flour. If possible, I'd like to switch to using fresh milled flour exclusively. Do any of you have experience doing so? I have an active sourdough starter I have been feeding with Wheat Montana all-purpose flour...
  10. Online Recipe Book
    Wild Turnip Bread Creates 2 Large Loaves or 3 Medium Loaves. INGREDIENTS: 3 cups baking flour (all purpose) 1 cup turnip flour (see addendum after bread recipe) 2 tbsp or 2 packages bread yeast 2 tsps salt 4 tbsp shortening 2 1/2 cups warm water sweetener to taste (optional...
1-10 of 10 Results