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  1. Future Homesteaders

    Hello from sunny Arizona. We're originally from Chicago, but living in Arizona for the last 10 years. We recently purchased an acre in Williams, AZ close to Valle, AZ. Currently researching for our future move to the land. Looking to connect with others in the area, and hoping to learn from...
  2. Turkey question in Phoenix Area

    We have 6 midget white poults that are growing fast, which is great! We now are planning their permanent housing. We have a location based question, please only answer this thread if you KNOW about the phoenix Arizona area. We also raise chickens, is Blackhead Disease a concern in our area...
  3. Need feedback on N.E. Arizona off grid toilet permitting

    Homesteading Questions
    I’d like to get feedback on my toilet dilemma. I bought a property in Apache County, AZ. The county has a bunch of rules and permitting for off grid toilet setups. I knew this before I bought the land. There are a number of options available. Under “Intent to Discharge,” the county has a type 4...
  4. Greetings from San Diego, soon to be New Hampshire

    Hi, me and my wife, are originally from the Northeast. We moved down to San Diego for about 3 years, had a child. Now he is about 17 months old, and we are planning a move back to the northeast. We should be moving back within a matter of months and settling back into that area to be with...