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  1. Terrier keeps squishing killing newborn puppies

    Working and Companion Animals
    my 5 year old momma dog had 14 puppies and we are Down to 9 i have tried everything possible the whelping box is pretty large, we even tried setting sides but then she will try to squeeze into that very small area where the puppies are and she will step on them and squish them she got up once...
  2. Different Small Animals?

    Homesteading Questions
    Hey, All. I've finally gotten good enough at my schedule that I'm quite spare for time. So, I'm looking for a new, small animal for my homestead. So far, I have: Ducks Chicken Quail Rabbits Koi Bees Worms (and Mealworms) Dwarf Goats Barn Cats Dog However, it has to be small. See, I raise all...
  3. Goat newbies questions

    So, I am getting goats within the next couple weeks, and had a few questions. First, i am getting full-sized goats. I particularly like aplines, saanens, and nubians. I have a fair sized shed for them, and a large pen that will be turned into a dry lot. They will spend quite a bit of time here...