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  1. The Great Outdoors
    I found this in our house on a "ledge" of sorts. It was tucked into a smaller area so I know it isn't a larger animal. Can anyone identify what animal it might have come from? This photo shows it in the original location. This one was after I moved it out (it broke apart).
  2. Real Estate
    I have 40 acres in valmy Nevada and would like a couple people to come and join me in forming a community it’s 2 hours away from Reno You could bring a mobile home or even to start on property and slowly develop it planning on starting agriculture in April and farm animals in march This is my...
  3. Goats
    So, I am getting goats within the next couple weeks, and had a few questions. First, i am getting full-sized goats. I particularly like aplines, saanens, and nubians. I have a fair sized shed for them, and a large pen that will be turned into a dry lot. They will spend quite a bit of time here...
1-3 of 3 Results