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  1. Biogas questions

    Alternative Energy
    I've seen videos of how to set up biogas digesters with IBC totes. I like the idea of being able to essentially compost anything, my understanding, and setting it up doesn't look that hard. My questions are: 1) Can biogas be used with natural gas systems, which I have currently? 2) If so, how...
  2. Ideas and Options for Solar well pump/Gravity Pluming

    Alternative Energy
    Im in Northern Michigan and currently just at the research stages of things. I'm looking at a piece of land where the estimated well depth from the local well drilling company is 90-100ft. I want a solar powered well pump that can provide enough water for three small cabins and a large garden...
  3. Generating your own electricity - The Missing Link

    Alternative Energy
    Every day more and more people are choosing to become energy independent and less dependent on the electrical grid. Even those who choose to remain connected to the grid (Grid Tied), are opting to add some form of alternative energy to reduce their utility bills and become less dependent on the...