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  1. Ideas to Use Electrician Skills for At-Homestead Income?

    Homesteading Questions
    Hi there! I'm Daisy :) My husband and I are planning on buying some acreage to start a market garden/pastured poultry enterprise either in Eastern NC (where we are now) or in Southern Oregon (where our folks are). We will have approx $100,000 liquid once we sell our current home, which we can...
  2. More Experienced Homesteaders: Please Help Me Decide Between Two Properties

    Homesteading Questions
    Good morning fellow homesteaders! I am a novice, looking to buy a homestead property. I have found two but they each come with drawbacks that I am trying to decide between. Charming House, Oddly Laid Out Property, No Pond This property has 2 new outbuildings and enough electric fences to...
  3. Bottle Kitten not Defecating

    Working and Companion Animals
    Hello all, I am currently raising a bottle kitten. I rescued him when he was 1 week old. He is now 3 weeks old and doing great for the most part but he hasn't pooped in 5 days. He eats great every feeding and urinates before and after each feeding when I stimulate him. He is eating about 8...
  4. Im getting a goat, any advice?

    Actually , im getting 2. both are Nigerian dwarf goats , one is an adult, and the other is one of her doeling. i just got to wait till her buckling is weened off of mama before i can go pick them up. EXCITED! i still got to go pick up the stuff for them, bedding , food, water and food buckets...
  5. Please help my chicken with swelling around her eye

    One of my chooks has developed swelling around only one of her eyes. It has been there for around 12 days now. Here is a summary of info that I think could be pertinent (or at least these are things I think I would wonder about if someone was asking me for advice about a sick chicken) 1)...
  6. Ducks and chickens together

    First let me say I am new to all of this. I don’t know correct terminology and such. Looking for advice. I have 8 chicks about 4-5 weeks and two ducks about the same age. Don’t know the sexes. They are in the same coup. The chicks go to the top and the ducks stay below. They still have heat...
  7. Looking for advice

    Real Estate
    We are moving soon, and will be selling our place in Georgia (4 acres, well, fenced, workshop, partially enclosed pole barn, 3 bdrm house). We do not have a real estate agent yet, though we do plan to use one. I want to have it advertised everywhere, not just mls. Is it normal for an agent to...