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    1. dave4all
      Hi I would like to get the quart grain kefir and I can pay with paypal. Thanks, Octavian
    2. charliesbugs
      Hello Romy, did you get my e-mails? We got a new program on our computer and all my e-mails didn't get 'on' it.
    3. fireliteca
      Hi thanks for getting back to me so quick.i don't know how to do PayPal so can I send a US FUNDS money order and when you get it you ship the garlic and onions?-fireliteca
    4. Akobo
      Hi would you please educate me on how buying a website will profit you. I may work towards the same.
    5. motdaugrnds
      Romy, Do you still have some dried nettle leaves for sale? My nettle plants are not matured enough to gather leaves as yet and I'ld like some for winter use. Please contact me.
    6. salmonslayer91
      Hey there its me thefamilyfarm :P i thought i remembered having a conversation with you in the past hahaha cant wait to get my hands on your elephant garlic
    7. Rick
      Hello Island girl. Going to the NE state line to pick up Jacob. We finally got our 425 gal tank set to catch rain from the bunkhouse, and the 75 gal stock tank (does dual duty as our luxury bathtub when the claw-foot just isn't deep enough LOL) set under a newly installed rain gutter on the back of the wood shed. Stay well.
    8. "SPIKE"
      Hey Romy,

      Just wanted to let you know I received Kefir grain yeaterday.
      MIchael "SPIKE"

      Oh and thanks for the poppy seeds.
    9. Aohtee
      are you still offering nettle seeds? if so, please let me know how much and how you would like to be paid.
    10. mustangsally17
    11. salmonslayer91
      I'm originally from Bonney lake up near puyallup i know exactly where you are i have spent many a summer on camano my parents in (bl) have a rain barrel system that maintains over 500 gal i would defiantly set one up since your on the salt how does the water work over there anyways? i am not aware of any laws forbidding rain collection in WA maybe in E WA in summer though
    12. salmonslayer91
      what island in WA do you live on 10$ to lisence your car? no collecting rainwater? i too am from the land of the 2 week rain but i havnt heard of that?

      ps we from WA dont tan we rust :)
    13. cowbelle
      Thanks!! That's what I did wrong - leave them in their packet for a couple of days. Will paypal the $$ right away. Judith
    14. cowbelle
      Romy, Judith Selby here, I have a problem. Received the kit about a week and a half ago. I put the grains in the frig in their bag, as I didn't have time to get it all washed and set up. Last weekend I washed and rinsed the bottle, put the grains and milk in it - and it hasn't done anything! Milk is still sweet and not thickened at all. I can't think of what I might have done wrong, but certainly something. What should I do? Thanks for the help. Judith
    15. RON L
      RON L
      hi Romy, Just saying Hi on here and trying to get a few posts in, thanks for the referal
    16. cowbelle
      Do you still have the kefir kits? I would really like one. Do you take Paypal? Looking forward to hearing back from you.
      Judith Selby
    17. puddlejumper007
      puddlejumper007 store looks lovely, years ago when i lived in wash. i made baskets that were popular at the time and sit by the road side at the foot of mountain, sold quite a bit and it was fun, got a lot of tourist comming and going, lol.. course that was twenty years ago... have a nice holiday....god bless
    18. romysbaskets
      Hello Harold,
      That would be a lovely trade. Certainly there is something else she might like to even the trade a bit? Do check out my listings and let me know? I ordered a peppermint essential food grade oil to add to my next batch of lip balms. How many would you like? I will have four different kinds plus you need to select something else I make too! :)

      I do love trading! How nice of you!
      Island Girl
    19. majic99
      Im glad to hear your son likes his pen. Thank you for the nice compliments.
      I would like to trade you a nice slender rosewood pen for some assorted lip balms for my wife..Let me know if that would be agreeable with you.

    20. mullberry
      I will go look for small petrified stuff most logs weigh several tonnes. I go and gather arrow heads A lot But have found fewer this year than ever. I live in muscogee county Ga. That it the center of the CREEK injin nation. They were sent out west in the trail of tears.. also started here... In a few weeks easter will be upon us.. we celibrate it with the rememberance that the yankee army attacked Burned our city & all the industry killed 41 ex confederate soldiers . I say ex soldiers because the civil war was already over!!!
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