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    1. ozark_jewels
      Hi Farmmaid. Your boy is beautiful. If you don't mind me asking, what is his pedigree?? I don't think I'll have any Nubian bucks to sell this year. I'm way ahead on doelings and my Nubians are almost finished........
    2. farmmaid
      I so have enjoyed your photos! We are going to need new blood for our girls this fall. I am inquiring about buck babies. Looking for a buckling that is large, has milk in his background. Any suggestions in your "inventory" and price? Have not a clue how to post pictures here but will post our buck's picture on your thread in HT. He will be VERY hard to replace, such a gentle giant.
    3. ozark_jewels
      No......too tired and fighting a nasty cold. Going to swill chicken soup and stay by the wood stove. Have fun!!
    4. Pony
      Are you going to Townsend's for the goat gathering?
    5. ozark_jewels
      Hey Longrider! Long time, no speak! Hectic as ----, but doin ok.:) You?
    6. longrider
      Hey Sweetie! Hope are well :)
    7. Dreamgoat Annie
      Dreamgoat Annie
      <LOL> I just visited your profile. Born May 19, huh? Another bullheaded Taurus, perhaps? (my birthday is May 16) :oD

    8. collegeboundgal
      hey emily, hope you can help. I've got a lady that is getting a little 5 or 6 month old nubian doeling who is looking for a companion for her. I don't have anything available and was wondering if you or someone you new did. didn't ask about a price range from her (oops) but I think she just needs/wants something for a companion so castrated male or female. would like a nubian I think. she's an older lady so needs something that is easy to handle/tame. Thanks for any help!!
      -Melissa Pendergrass (if you don't remember me, we're about the same age, I brought my doling over to your (parents) old place near cobool and watched you butcher a buck. this was many moons ago... okay like 5 years...
    9. Bulldog 6
      Bulldog 6
      The Jersey heifer we got from you was dehorned Saturday and started on halter.
    10. ozark_jewels
      Sorry! Been so busy I forgot to send them! I'll get them out to the first two people that spoke up and I think there will be a few left. I'll let you know! Please send your address.
    11. WhiteChristmas
      Any more of those pupp toys left?
    12. ozark_jewels
      Thanks Billy!!:)
    13. bstuart29
      Happy Birthday Emily, hope ya have a wonderful day:)
    14. ozark_jewels
      Hi Medic,
      The alfalfa pellets are fed separate from the grain and the only grain I feed is the 3 parts oats to 1 part BOSS mixture.
      They get nothing else besides loose mineral/kelp, alfalfa hay or pellets, and grass hay. Well, brush during the warm months of course.=)
      Be sure you want to change and then do it slowly if you do. What works for me may not for everyone.
    15. medic
      I was on your site & noticed you feed your milking & bred/nursing does get alfalfa pellets & then you mention oats & BOSS. Is this what you would call your "grain ration" or is this in addition to grain. I currently feed my does MFA dairy goat ration but thought I might try what you stated. I also provide free choice minerals & bi-carb & all the fresh hay the want.
    16. ozark_jewels
      Sandy, please feel free to e-mail me the picture and I'll be happy to help if I can. My e-mail is ozark_jewels@yahoo.com
    17. momagoat61
      hi Emily
      This is Sally's cargiver, the cow that is blind I posted sveral days ago. I am having a problem with Sally and would like to send you a picture of her. I think Sally is due to calve around the middle of January but I am not really sure of a date. If i would e-mail you a picture of the problem she is having so you might could give me some advise I would greatly appreciate it. If I could have your e-mail address I'll send the picture. and I'll be on homesteading until I hear from you. I will be out and in this evening feeding until around 5 p.m. or so . I know you are probably out milking now but I hope to talk real soon. Sincerely Sandy . My email is mseffieL@aol.com
    18. bstuart29
      It's ok, no big deal just thought I'd let ya know. Don't all the pretty girls say thatLOL
    19. bstuart29
      Emily your box is full againLOL
    20. bstuart29
      Hi Emily. Your pm box is full.
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