May 24, 2016
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    1. Murby
      Hi dsmythe,
      Thanks for the reply.
      We have 5 pigs, look and act as healthy as I image a pig acting. Seem happy. My routine is to dump a loader bucket full of greens topped with about 50 lbs of wet and dripping pineapple leftovers. Once they've filled up on that, I toss about 3 coffee can's worth of Soy Bean meal (48% protein) into a feeding bin. (I just dump the greens over the fence onto the ground)

      I do this twice a day now and also pour about 50 gallons of water into their mud pit when it gets hot out every day. (or temps are in the 80's)

      The meat from our other pigs was great.. but keep in mind they were in a 10 x 30 pen and we fed them an 18% protein bagged hog food from the local elevator. We took them to the butcher at around 320 to 330 lbs. Any dissatisfaction from those pigs was butcher related.. (stole half my bacon, too much salt on the hams, bone chips, etc)

      We plan on butchering our own this year and I'd like to take them north of 400 pounds if I can.
    2. dsmythe
      I have raised hogs in the past, 150 sows farrowed 2 times a year. We raised our feed and bought supplement and mineral/vitamins. We bought a lot of corn. This was in the early 70s in south Georgia. Now, that being said what problems have you had with your process? Have you lost any pigs to malnutrition? Did the meat from your other pigs look/taste good? I am not sending this public because I don't want the wrath of any feed salesmen or university types jumping on me but if the meat is good and the feed cost is low what is wrong with what you are doing. My son's wife runs a bakery, ALL of her leftovers, scraps and anything else, grass clippings and such go to the pig.
      You are including some protein with the feed that you add. We started our pigs out at 16% then dropped them to 14% then finished them with 12%. We only took them to 240 # because our packer was only setup to handle that size animal (Swift in Moultrie GA). .

      Good Luck
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