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    1. BadFordRanger
      Well hello neighbor! I didn't think I had anyone as close as you are on this forum and I like this better than the rest.
      I live just a few hundred yards from the 265 bypass in Danville at the Elizabeth St. exit, so it would be easier for me to go out 265, hit 360 and turn into your drive way shortly after making a left on 729, LOL.
      Anyway, I don't have wheels yet. If you have seen many of my post you know I am disabled from a fall I took going on 10 years ago but I am back up and working, somewhat, anyway I am getting along and getting better all the time.
      Docs said I'd never walk or use my left hand but I proved them wrong.
      Dennis Phillips is the name and my number is 336-247-2507 if you would like to call.
      If I am at home you are as welcome here as you seem to give anyone else, but I might be here now and gone in two minutes unless you call first.
      I'd love to have some company from like minded people and show you what I have going on.


      Ranger / Dennis
    2. motdaugrnds
      Hello, I am known as motdaugrnds in these forums. You can visit me at 860 Mt. Tabor Rd. in Pitsylvania County. It is just about 10 miles east of Chatham and 30 miles north of Danville on state road 729. (Going north on #29 to #57 in Chatham, turning east on #57 and going about 10 miles to #698 & turning back south; then going about 2 miles on #698 to #729 & turning back west; going about a mile on #729 .. also known as Mt. Tabor Rd .. will land you at our place.) It is marked by an old silver mail box near a fallen down shack and a gravel drive to a large red gate. Looking over the acreage you will see an old trailer house and a large barn and probably some goats out in the pastures. We are home most of the time; so no need to call. Just sit on your horn when you get here until we know you're at the gate.
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