Lisa in WA
Oct 11, 2004
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Lisa in WA

Formerly LisainN.Idaho

    1. levi1739
      Hey Lisa, It's always nice to be missed, lol. I'm still a lurker at Homesteading but rarely post any more. I do try and keep up with Caroline's progress, which seems to be coming along quite nicely. If you can keep her interested through the teen years I suspect she will be quite the rider. I'm busy training other peoples horses these days but I do have a 6yo granddaughter that is beginning her horsemanship journey. If you send me an email addy I'll send along some short vids of us both in action. Mine is I may be needing some pony club advice in the near future. Do you ever get back to visit Cinci?

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    lived for 14 years in our offgrid cabin that we built on a river wilds of northern in WA state.