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    1. Forcast
      Hi Lady,
      I am hatching some eggs for someone and she said they are chocolate orpingtons? She order them on line.... but the eggs are marked with a CC?
    2. Texasdirtdigger
      Hi Ladycat. I did not realize you and I share the same B-DAY. Hope yours is wonderful!
    3. ladycat
      Thanks. :)
    4. suzyhomemaker09
      Hope you have a happy birthday !!
    5. RonPaulRooster
    6. Helena
      Hello !! I have begun to use coupons..alot..because of expenses but I have a question for you that maybe you can help me with. I have trouble getting coupons to print on my google page and have to go to the big "e" on my computer and then it doesn't print. I was able to print a few a week or so ago but it's not helping me now get my discounts. Have you ever encountered this problem and if so is there a different way to get my coupons to print. Boy..the cost of food is terrible and I need all the help I can get. Hopefully, you can help me...
    7. GlenArden
      I'm in. Thanks!
    8. ladycat
      I don't have any EE roosters, sorry.
    9. greenSearcher
      Was wondering if you would like to trade either a "matching" EE cockerel and pullet for 2 pullets, or simply swap a pullet for cockerel? I wound up with 2 male EEs in my last order, and I only want one for breeding purposes. I chuckle because I have females that "match" the cockerels as much as possble with EEs that's why I offered a "pair" My goal is to have 5 youngsters with only once being male, plus the two girls from last year, Sandy and Sandy Blue. That should give me enough colored eggs for a couple to pop up in each dozen. Anyway, since you are a reasonable drive I thought I would ask you first.
      Thanks, Julie
    10. ladycat
      Tobster, I don't have a coupon site. I do start a lot of coupon topics.

      I do send people to We Use Coupons to learn all the tricks. It's the best newbie forum I have found for getting people started with couponing.
    11. Tobster
      I did not want to hijack the tamsam thread . . . where is your coupon site? Noticed you have posted about coupons before, I do not see it on HT. It is not the 'Great Group'? is it? I apologize for private message, if it is not appropriate. Thanks, Gary
    12. mpillow
      Hope things are getting better for you!
    13. ladycat
    14. chickenista
      Hey... what was that bizarre little troll critter you posted? Cute, but yet.. no.
    15. Vintagechick
      I signed up on your freebie site 6 + months ago and enjoyed your daily emails with offers. However I have not received any emails for at least 6-8 weeks now. I am on the members list. Can you help? Thanks Jackie H.
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