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    1. 1shotwade
      Hey Pete! I have an idea I think will improve the "information access on this forum. Don't know how to proceed but assume you would be involved.
      I think a "sticky" kind of based on peoples current outdoor experiences would be helpful.My friends and I do this all the time. We call it a "scouting report" and it goes like this. "bluegills going on top water in local ponds. Found sulfur shelf in johns woods.Deer feeding on oaks."
      If there was on a sticky and included where the info applies as in "Southern Indiana" and dated a person could have access to info concerning their location. I think people would participate. Let me know what you think! Thanks,Wade
    2. mrsgcpete
      hello how you doin'
    3. Rookie Cook
      Rookie Cook
      Thanks, however I already have a 10/22 with simmons .22mag optics, 2 25rd clips, and a side piece as well. Nice to know I am on the right track.

    4. Robbvious
      Hey, GCPete. If you're going to build an LTR, I recommend a Marlin 795. Way more accurate out of the box than a 10/22, and nearly 1/3 the cost new. Add some Tech Sights ( and a 1-1/4" GI web sling and swivels, 1 spare magazine and you're all set. You'd still be less than 1/2 the cost of a 10/22 alone, which you'd still have to add sights, 2nd mag, and a sling to.
      We sometimes have rifles to lend as well, just ask on our forum beforehand. See you soon!
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