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    1. FarmboyBill
      Did you get my message?
    2. FarmboyBill
      Thanks for your reply. No I don't do near the work here that I did before I came here. My tools are all piled and stored in an 8 X 8 shed, and I can only get to the biggest lined along the walls and hanging from them also. My basic hand tools wrenches, are at the very entrance to that bldg.

      I rather suppose that most men can stand to wear soiled clothing much longer than women can.

      Remaining invisible is something ive finally accepted, and even embraced. I rather like it that way and see no reason to change at this age. Again, thanks for the post. Good luck to you in all that you do.
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    3. debd0712

      I am getting up there - 62 recently, but I still have long hair (waist length and undyed - very few grays thanks to genetics). I no longer wear heels if I can help it, but if I am going to town I am always showered and in clean, well fitting clothes. Luckily, my farm work keeps me fit and trim.

      Kudos to you for always dressing nice in previous years, but I think you will probably remain invisible to most women if you do not attempt to at least look clean and presentable. As we age, tight clothing is not always the best option for everyone. When working on your place it is one thing to be dirty, but if you go to town at least go clean.

      And either you do not work near as hard as I do, or perhaps do not sweat or get dirty? 2 weeks is far too long to continue to wear any article of clothing without washing.

      Hope things work out for you with you and your ex moving in together, but typically exes are exes for a reason.
    4. FarmboyBill
      I am a dishwater blond haired, blue eyed, 220lb, 5ft8in male 10 8 47. Born raised in NE Kansas by Atchison, 1/2 way from there and St Joseph Mo. Now in Rodgers Co, Okla at Chelsea. A Libra in most senses of the term. Only interests mainly are farming/gardening/homesteading. Single since 88. 3Xs down. 3 kids, all grown, 2 girls 1 boy, all have kids of their own. Have 7 grandkids. Love antiques.
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    5. Muleman
      Bill, I ran across an old thread from '09 where you bought a pretty nice corn binder. I just found me one to rebuild, just wondering if you still have and are still using it. Maybe I missed some other post you might have made with more info, but hoping to pry some info. from you. Looks like you had some of the accessories for yours.
      Thanks, Jamie
    6. haunted
      You could be right about the dates. I was a kid, and my mother and grandmother talked mostly about "old" times. A good bit of it went in one ear and out the other, so maybe I wasn't paying attention to the year.
    7. FarmboyBill
      pms is fine. Should you get this. Ive always wondered why you chose your name? Now I can ask. Please pm me anytime u want to talk. I guess im good at shareing thoughts , gardening tips, but I wouldnt eat any reciepts I sent you LOL. I think you know a W H O L E lot about me, more than I know about you, so, if you do pm me back for convo, Expect to play 50 questions LOL. Also, I know youve seen many of my pics. I havnt the foggiest of what you look like. And, I have more comeing up around the middle of Jan. Do you farm/ garden? Im sure with your handle, you at least homestead. If so, what size farm/garden?? If my many questions run ya off, I can understand.
    8. txplowgirl
      Nothing is expected of you except your friendship. I don't know about the other 2 but I Like what you have to say and I greatly admire and respect how you live. I'm asking nothing in return except to visit and share ideas, thoughts, recipes, gardening tips, etc.
      As for my posting, I guess i'm just a little standoffish due to lifes experiences. I've only had 2 relationships that well, didn't turn out the way I had hoped. I've given up on relationships. That dosen't mean i've given up on having a man as a friend, platonic only.
      So, don't worry about me "huntin" you. Lol, i've had enough of being hunted myself.
      As far as pms, guess, i really didn't think about it but I can do either one.
      You have a good day.
    9. mrpink
      is this still the correct mailing address?
      Wm Christopher, 23370 Slick Rd, Bristow Okla 74010
    10. BlueOrchid
      Oh sorry I haven't been to the thread to read it. Let me go look.
    11. debbiekatiesmom
      hey bill.. how ya doing? didn't know if ya got my msg
    12. FarmboyBill
      Sorry this is so old. Just saw it, and by the way, Happy Birthday again. And like I said, Iffn ya get laid on yer birthday, I want a pump dedicated to me. Ill know by an unexpected smile for no reason on my part LOL lol, O, and what you were reffering to. It was only a one time thang. She couldnt go me or MY swamp lol
    13. FarmboyBill
      Hello dakntoots from Okla
    14. ArkMtnLady
      Hello Farm Boy Bill from Arkansas.
    15. swamp man
      swamp man
      See there,'s a lot different now, ain't it?
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