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Mar 17, 2018 at 10:12 PM
Jan 24, 2009
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New York City

City Bound

Male, from New York City

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Mar 17, 2018 at 10:12 PM
    1. City Bound
      City Bound
      Thank you homebody. Feel free to private message me if you like
    2. homebody
      Hey there, glad to see you back after your long absence. As you have probably noticed, the atmosphere of certain parts of the forum has changed. If you had this message private, I'd say a lot more. Anyway, welcome back.
    3. Belldandy
      We're in the same zone! :grin:
    4. debrasew
      Hello City Bound,
      I am a teacher in New Jersey and am looking to purchase a set of Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia like the one you posted earlier this year. Do you still have the books? And if so, are you still interested in selling them?
      Thanks so much,
      Deb Licorish
      Haddonfield, New Jersey
    5. Helena
      Hope you are OK from the storm. We seemed to miss most of it..Take Care...
    6. Helena
      Hello !! Was wondering how your city garden you have this year is growing. We actually have our garden in earlier than ever with this heat..but needing rain too. I have noticed that our Benny the bunny has eaten a few of my cabbage plants..the little rascal. He has the run of the homestead and "usually" is good abut not getting into the garden. I try not to water the gardens because we have a well for our water so during the hot months am very careful of my water usage not that we have ever had a problem...(250' deep) Send some photos of your garden when you get a chance. some day I will learn how to do that too.. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks...Take Care Helena
    7. Otter
      Made some room, sorry about that
    8. NewGround
      Stick with it CB, just don't wait until everything is "perfect" to make the jump... Live in a tent if you have to but get out of the city while you can...
    9. acde
      Hope your dad is o.k.
    10. Fowler
      I hope your dad is okay.
    11. seedsavergal
      I am a songwriter too :-)
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    New York City
    I am a 36 year old male, who enjoys song writing, gardening, swimming and bike riding.