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Old 12/14/14, 04:39 PM
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Make cold process lye soap, castile or goats milk. I make 5 or 10# batches at a time. have taught many people how to make soap. Alot of people make cinnamon oatmeal but I like plain old soap.
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Old 12/20/14, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
What Kind of soap do you use on a daily basis? What is the cost? Thank you for your response's.
I use Palmolive dish soap or Dawn. For hands/shower I use an old liquid soap bottle and put a few drops of the dish soap in it mixed with water and a few drops of lavender essential oil.
For laundry, I vacillate between buying the generic $1 liquid generic version and making my own with grated soap/ baking soda/ borax. I guess you could just say I am cheap. LOL I figure buy it cheap or make it cheap.
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Old 01/02/15, 07:49 PM
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We make our own soap using Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Lye, and a wife likes the flowery scents like Lavender and Rose. I prefer the manly types such as Fir or Spruce and Sandalwood. Makes about 12 bars and costs about $5 to make (splitting up the initial start up costs)
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Old 02/10/15, 07:58 AM
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I found at Walgreen's a large bar of soap I think made of goats milk with francencense (sp?) And myrr for $5. I cut it up into smaller bars and it doesn't melt as quick as most. It was made by an African woman. Smells delightful. Sorry for the lack of details, it's been a while
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Old 02/10/15, 12:54 PM
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Location: At the foot of Mt Rainier, WA
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I buy handmade soap, from a local place. I will buy soap from other soapmakers, but I have found the one I prefer... and I pay $6/bar for about a 4-5 oz bar. I'd pay more, too. They do also have a 3/$15 deal that I usually buy - I visit shows where they will be a couple times a year and like to stock up when I can.

I will not pay less than $5 for a bar of soap - if it is priced lower than that, it makes me doubt the quality and I don't want to take a risk.

My preferences with soap - I do not usually care for essential oil soaps. I like peppermint and I like lemongrass and the rest all smell the same to me - too medicinal. I like fragrance oil soaps, and I like fun, bright colors. I prefer fruity or foodie scents, not so much the florals, and I do like fresh herbals but I hate lavender. So I'm not one of the 100% natural soap buyers. I do like lard soap, fwiw. I used to be a soapmaker and I liked my lard and cocoa butter soap the best.

Laundry soap is Gain Apple Mango Tango because I prefer the fragrance
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Old 02/11/15, 10:55 PM
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My own homemade goat milk soap cut into bars. No scent added.
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Old 02/15/15, 04:33 PM
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I usually use glycerine soap when I can find it--usually about $1 or so a bar at one of the dollar stores. I usually keep a bar or two of Lava around for when I have been working on engines. That is maybe $1.29-$1.59 a bar I think. I keep a big bottle of Cetaphil in the shower but I do not know the price as a relative gets it from her company store very cheap so they never ask me to pay them when I offer.
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Old 03/02/15, 06:59 PM
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I have been making my own lard soap for years. It's just in the last few months that I have started experimenting with other oils. I also started making my own laundry soap, using 100% coconut oil soap. I hate the thoughts of all the chemicals in store bought soap!
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Old 05/24/16, 01:41 PM
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I make my own goats milk soap for bathing and shampoo bars for my hair. I also make my own laundry detergent, but I use Dawn for the dishes.
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Old 05/27/16, 05:29 PM
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I only Bathe on Saturdays, but when I do, it is with Goat Milk soap with a variety of fragrances. Right now is Apple. But I really like Clove.
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Old 06/12/16, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by GREENCOUNTYPETE View Post
DW makes our bar soap.. not sure what it costs, she does it for fun.
Otherwise Kirk's Castile 89 cents a bar.
In NWA Kirks has not been below a dollar for 10 years! Now it is $ 1.89 ea. I have used it for years, way back when P&G still made odd stuff. They reorganized, eliminated many products and now exist to feed WalMart. I get Hurracan brand commercial washing powder from a motel that is an electrical client of mine and get a 4 gallon+ bucket for about $17. It lasts me a year. Sometimes I add a box of Borax to stretch it. I have made the liquid washing stuff with borax, washing soda, Fell's and for the trouble it takes to make, would just as soon buy the commercial powder.

Can't imagine only bathing once a week, I like the company of women too much and work in people's houses....
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Old 06/28/16, 12:05 PM
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Location: MO
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I use my CP soap or store bought moisturizing soap. I suffer from dry skin, esp. in the winter. I like the company of my husband ,who is the cleanest man I know.
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Old 07/22/16, 06:13 PM
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I use goatsmilk bars a friend makes and baby soap. I would love to learn to make soap. Maybe someday!
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Old 08/04/16, 12:59 AM
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Originally Posted by MakeLemonade View Post
I use goatsmilk bars a friend makes and baby soap. I would love to learn to make soap. Maybe someday!">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">
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Old 08/04/16, 01:00 AM
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Originally Posted by MakeLemonade View Post
I use goatsmilk bars a friend makes and baby soap. I would love to learn to make soap. Maybe someday!
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Old 08/16/16, 08:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
What Kind of soap do you use on a daily basis? What is the cost? Thank you for your response's.

For bar soap I either make my own or trade for homemade. I use both cold and hot pressed but usually make cold press. I don't use or buy artificials, no FO's etc. I don't know what mine costs to make but I use fat that I barter for, that I render myself (usually lard but sometimes tallow). And occasionally make my own lye. Purchased lye is the highest cost of soap. I usually grind my own oatmeal for it and use my own herbs, if I use any at all. When I trade for soap it varies depending on what they want etc...
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Old 01/07/17, 02:18 PM
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I make my own lavender or lemon scented. Don't remember the base cost for all the ingredients (olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, lye, water, scent... that's it) but I charge $1/ounce after at least 4 weeks curing. Next time I buy ingredients I'll have to work out the cost per bar again. I use my soap for bathing and dishes and sometimes make up laundry soap too.
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