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Old 08/05/13, 10:46 AM
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Found out that they actually clog pores and cause blackheads.
Interesting. We have never had that problem.

My family does not use or eat any products that come from pigs.
Makes sense.
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I can't believe I deleted it!
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Old 09/05/13, 04:33 AM
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DH uses Dial. I purchased some fancy soaps at TJ Maxx to stage our last house. It was expensive. I got several different sizes, styles, and colors. I probably paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 for eight or ten bars. I'm on my second or third bar. They last a very long time. I think DD and I used one bar for more than six months. Most of the bars are olive oil. I think I used an almond bar too. It smells good and lasts a long time. I have problems with allergies but these haven't caused me many problems. In a couple years, when I need more soap, I might go back to TJ Maxx. The bars I purchased were fancy and imported. They are very large.

Oh, we use the bars we get when staying in hotels. We have to do this from time to time for health care. I wrap the used soap bars in a paper towels or a washcloth from home and then bring them home. I also bring home shampoo, conditioners, and body washes.

I do like the idea of homemade soap but it's so very expensive and the bars tend to be so small and heavy on the essential oils. I cannot rationalize spending $5 on a small bar of soap.

FarmChix, a lot of people used to say that lard soap clogs pores and causes blackheads; it does not. It is now believed to be a lot better for your skin than other soaps. Lard soaps are mild, moisturizing, and conditioning.

I remember hearing that eating chocolate caused one to break out. Ummm, that's not really so. Here's what a fellow HTer says about lard and clogged pores:
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Old 09/05/13, 09:49 AM
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Zum goats milk
ALL different flavors (Patcholi is my fav)
1.91 per oz
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Old 09/06/13, 12:52 AM
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Lard and Tallow do NOT cause your pores to clog. (This is another one of those stupid urban myths, like the one about not using homemade soap because it contains lye. You can NOT make soap without the use of lye). When they are made into soap they aren't in their original form. They are chemically changed into soap...a wash off product.

While I'm on the subject, most of the so-called soaps on the commercial market are actually syndets or synthetic detergent. Good for getting stuff clean...not so good on your skin if you have allergies or sensitive skin.
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Old 09/06/13, 07:11 PM
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Make my own soap

But sometimes use Dove soap. Use lard,goats milk,lye,co. Cold process. Tried using tallow, prefer the lard. Have gone to fragrance-free because of sensitive skin. Make my shampoo bars but switch up with Berts bees sometimes. Use a mix of powdered version (homemade) of washing detergent with store bought detergent.
For dishes-store bought Palmolive.

As to cost, all the soap is made very inexpensively, don't think it would be more than a dollar per bar. Washing (clothes) detergent is pennies a small load.

Last edited by homebody; 09/06/13 at 07:14 PM. Reason: forgot costs
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Old 10/05/13, 01:26 PM
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Goats' milk soap from a young lady in Rhode Island. I love it and it is all natural to boot.
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Old 10/06/13, 06:53 PM
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Location: Roan Mountain, TN
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Kirk's Castile. The 3 bar pack at Wal-Mart is $3.28. I use all three to make my laundry soap. One bar at the grocery store is $1.89, I think.

Right now, I have Ivory in the bathroom. Three bars at Big Lot's, $2.00.
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Old 10/06/13, 08:07 PM
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To bathe with, we use my own homemade soap and Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. Laundry is All Free and Clear, dishes is Dawn and for the dishwasher, Sun pacs. Homemade soap lasts a long time as long as you keep store it where it can dry in between uses. If you let it set wet, or in a little puddle of water, it will melt away in a short time. I'm about ready to make some more soap My son and I both have extremely sensitive skin and the homemade soap doesn't bother us at all.
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Old 10/07/13, 08:43 PM
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Hubby & I both use goats milk soap that I make.
Udderly Precious Mini Nubian Goats
Homemade goats milk soap always available see my FB soap page
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Old 10/08/13, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by FarmChix View Post
I'm not the person who you asked about the lard-based soaps, but I can tell you why I don't use them. *smile* I used to make lard and tallow soaps with my Gma. Found out that they actually clog pores and cause blackheads. The end. LOL
Huh. Never had that happen, either. In fact, lard/tallow soaps have helped many folks I know who experienced acne.
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Old 10/09/13, 08:00 AM
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Location: Twining, Mi.
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I make a Goats milk soap with Tea tree essential oil & that's all I've used on my face all year for Acne. Works Great! and I used to use ProActive but haven't since I started using my Tea Tree soap.
I have other customers that their kids use it for acne too with good results so I have to disagree on the blackhead issue.
Udderly Precious Mini Nubian Goats
Homemade goats milk soap always available see my FB soap page
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Old 10/10/13, 06:17 PM
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Hmmmm.....that is interesting. Guess I should look into it a little more. Thanks for the info! As an "adult", I still struggle with blackheads, so I really have to watch what I use. Once I was told that, I swore off all tallow soaps. Off to do more research!......
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Old 10/16/13, 05:03 PM
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Homemade bar and liquid soap.
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Old 10/23/13, 11:51 AM
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We use locally made goat's milk soap from Cupola Hollow Farms here in CT. Excellent soap, quite moisturizing (my favorite is their lavender!). 4.50/bar, or 3/12. I always do the 3/12, and stock up for the winter since they close for a few months. We used to use Oil of Olay for years, but after doing a side by side comparison, the goat's milk soap lasts just as long (don't let it sit in water) and feels much better on the skin. Don't suffer from winter dryness as much now.
We use Kirkland (Costco) free and clear laundry soap. No fabric softeners, stopped that years ago after reading about it. Use Muleteam Borax to soften the water some, and Oxyclean as a booster. Palmolive Clear dish soap. Macadamia Oil shampoo and conditioner - paraben free, sulfate free, etc.
After reading up on some of the ingredients in soap products, I'm much more careful now what we put on our skin and hair. I have found that with some of the more expensive products, you actually use less. Like quality coffee. So it doesn't cost that much more over the long run. I want to get into making my own skincare and haircare products (just for us) using natural products without preservatives, etc. Still going over recipes. Oh, and I hang out my laundry whenever possible.
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Old 10/24/13, 01:39 PM
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DH uses the gold Dial bars, I use Caress. I get all itchy if I use most any other bars. Dawn for hand washing dishes, Finish Tabs for the dishwasher. What ever dollar bottle of Suave shampoo for me, DH uses Pert.

I buy the huge jugs of whatever is a good buy at Sam's Club for laundry detergent.
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Old 10/27/13, 05:28 PM
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Posts: 631
I make my own soap it is costing me about $1 per bar I used to buy goat milk soap but at $4.50 a bar in bulk the one I liked was getting to expensive. I use suave cheapo shampoo it's a buck something at walmart. We used cascade in the dishwasher no idea how much it is. I don't care about the liquid soap as my husband does most of the dishes it all hurts my hands. We do clothes with borax washingsoada my homemade soap bars and oxyclean powder it is about 20 cents a load
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Old 11/06/13, 11:34 AM
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I make my own. It is a premium soap and doesn't dry out my skin. It costs whatever I've paid for wholesale olive oil, coconut oil 76, castor oil, and essential oils, also about $4 for the lye for every 34 bars. Add to that the cost of molds over the years. I'm still ahead.
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Old 11/11/13, 10:23 AM
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I make my own goats milk soap, cost me about .50 cents to make.
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Old 05/09/14, 08:40 PM
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I make my own SOAP...AND IT IS THE BASIS for all my cleaners...have NO chemical co chemicals in house! Unfortunately...FELS NAPTHA WAS good Castile soap...but was bought out, and is now just as chemical as all others...what goes ON you r IN your blood in 26 seconds...yep... Vaseline? PETROLEUM WASTE...goes into you r baby's blood...we have been sold down the river...but anyone here probably felt that any way! I MILK MY GOATS, AND ADD SILK FROM MY WORMS, AND A FEW VITAMINS AND OTHER GOOD STUFF...and make my soap...then grate it for my laundry cleaner, with borax, and washing soda, and salt, only use for table salt! skin is great...I and clothes are clean, hair IS SHINY...LIFE IS good!
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Old 05/11/14, 05:18 AM
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And it still goes on. Yep we make sap and it is a good product. We do sell commercially. I do agree with everyone that has posted on here why and how they use their soap. Hard to do in a lot of instances. Hope to see this revived.
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