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Current Events Tin foil hats worn. News that we need to figure out how to survive the ramifications

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Old 11/02/12, 05:49 PM
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NYC EBT card problem.

What do you do when the store can't run your EBT card?

Without Electricity, New Yorkers on Food Stamps Can’t Pay for Food - COLORLINES
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Old 11/02/12, 06:00 PM
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I wonder if "the powers that be" really did not think of this before the storm came?
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Old 11/02/12, 06:31 PM
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Not be dependent on an EBT card?
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Old 11/02/12, 06:32 PM
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At a farmers market I used to work at about five years ago there was a booth where people could use their food stamp card to get tokens to spend at the market. One week the machine would not get online and so we wrote down the card number and pin and amount spent for each person that was willing to give us their info. Only a few dollars worth of transactions did not go through because people did not know their balance or later spent the money again.
I guess that's the type of thing that only happens in a community that is a community rather than a big citey. If the store vendors were framiliar with all the faces that walked in they could do something similar to this. But I doubt they are willing to risk taking a loss if someones card did not go through once they were back online.
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Old 11/02/12, 07:25 PM
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You do the same thing the rest of us with debit or credit cards do, pay cash or do without.
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Old 11/02/12, 08:05 PM
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Um, didn't we have over a week's warning the storm was coming? You don't have to be a prepper to buy enough food to get you through a short term aggravation.
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Old 11/02/12, 08:44 PM
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Let 'em eat CAKE.
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Old 11/02/12, 10:28 PM
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Originally Posted by edcopp View Post
Let 'em eat CUPCAKE(s).
Fixed it for you Ed!
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Old 11/03/12, 12:20 AM
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Ebt--storm hit at the end of the month (many people have long since burned thur the card and are living lean) waiting for the first of the next month to get what they want some do get what they need. I have worked with many people on how to get more out while using the card. I am trying to make head way with one that 10.00 for a 25bag of flour, 69cents for a pound of salt, 17 dollars for 25 pounds of sugar 2 pounds of yeast 6 dollars and 8 dollars for 2 quarts of oil will get you 25 plus loaves of bread and bread here is 3.59 a loaf --that is 75 dollars plus a month on just bread. After the first month just add another bag of flour and oil and sugar to put up. get the yeast and salt as needed.

My son has food in his school locker shelf stable and 3 pairs of sock should he ever have to walk home the last life straw is in his backpack with a flash light on a "braided" line with two carabiners. --it is 30 mile hike if need be.

It is sad--but let's hope that some eye's are opened up. By Now my sister most likely is trapped where she is at and just might be eyeing the dog food. Oh well she made a choice to WANT to be there for the fun.
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