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    1. CajunSunshine
      AZHomesteader, that snake pulled some seriously bad juju on me, f'sure. I finally pulled out of it, with my leg intact. The docs were throwing around the 'amputation' word and I was not having fun with it at all. In the end, I credit Native American herbs for bringing me out of it. Nothing the doctors did were doing any good, so I checked myself out of the hospital and doctored myself. Good quality echinacea root is the bomb!

      Best advice: be hypervigilant and DO NOT GET BITTEN! I thought I had scanned the area well enough, but was bitten anyway. I looked straight at that snake and still didn't see it, because it was so perfectly camouflaged!

      I wish I could get back into that blog and write again! To make a long story short, I am having some serious difficulty with the blogging outfit and the password to get in no longer works. Bah.
    2. AZHomesteader
      I read your blog, how did the snake bite turn out, out here i have mojave's and diamond backs, had a few close calls on being bit. I worry about it a lot as i am really remote. Thank you for your post on hope.
    3. CajunSunshine
      Thanks, Flowerman. Check yer Private Message box.
    4. flowerman
      I am very happy to see that you are alive and well. I stumbled on to your blog several years ago and didn't know what happened after the snake bite. I hope you are able to blog again soon.
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    --Sharon Love, laugh, live...Joie de vivre! (I'm unable to get back into blog to post...experiencing 'technical difficulties'...)