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Old 10/22/09, 01:30 PM
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how can you tell when they're in heat?

The ram is spending today following one of the ewes around but just standing there with his face by her hips. Is that a sign she's coming into heat? Or maybe he rammed the wall a little to hard? And what exactly can I expect to see? Thanks!
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Old 10/22/09, 01:41 PM
Bearfootfarm's Avatar
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He will know when she's ready.

You'll see him checking her urine and performing the "Flehmen Response"
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Old 10/22/09, 06:18 PM
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If you don't have a marking harness or marking paint, you will probably miss the big event. Last year I was moving the ram from the ram pen the pasture for his girls. He got away from me and went straight over and mounted a ewe. About 30 seconds later, he mounted her again. It was not a problem because she was to go with him anyway. That is the only breeding I remember seeing. And she did lamb 5 months later, so that is all it took. She must have already been in standing heat. If the ewe is not ready, she will not let the ram mount her.
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Old 10/23/09, 07:52 AM
Join Date: Sep 2009
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He has been curling his lip since I got him. I just thought I would see more, lol. A friend that mostly breeds goats said I would see them nonstop when she came into heat. The guy I got them from told me I'd never know till spring.
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Old 10/23/09, 10:56 AM
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Yea, sheep are not goats..... LOL
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Old 10/23/09, 11:23 AM
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They'll test the urine to see if she's coming into heat.
You'll know she's in heat when she stands for him instead of running out from under him.
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Old 10/23/09, 04:13 PM
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We never saw the actual deed completed ourselves, just marked the days on the calendar from the date we introduced the ram. We had our lambs within one full cyle of the earliest date. I know one of my friends who has many more sheep says she has only seen the ram mount a ewe once.
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