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Old 05/18/12, 01:34 PM
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Rabbit LGD

Meet Rudy. He's a 100 lb Cur/Lab cross. This dog is amazing! He's a self-taught rabbit LGD, calm, cool and collected. See attached photo.

Here in the woods of Central FL, we have a small commercial rabbitry(herd numbers about 28 does and 6 bucks). We have to deal with raccoons, foxes and bobcats trying to figure out the best way to get a free meal.

A few coons tried early on to reach their dextrous little hands thru the 1"X2" wire cage mesh and pull out a bunny(usually resulting in the decapitation of the victim) to eat.

Once we got Rudy, any predator stupid enough to come over the fence is instantly savaged. It is truly a terrifying thing to watch.

On top of that, he is a courser and will chase down any rabbit that gets out and catch them (usually in the palmetto thickets), hovering over them until we can grab the rabbit and put back into cage.

Baby bunnies who have spilled thru the cage mesh get the special treatment - a soft mouth pick-up and a trot up to the house where he will babysit them until one of our family comes out the side door to take over and put the bunny back in the cage. He is always rewarded and to my knowledge has never harmed a bunny.[IMG][/IMG]

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Old 05/18/12, 01:39 PM
Join Date: Aug 2010
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guess I can't figure out how to attach a jpg.
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Old 05/18/12, 03:07 PM
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Rabbit LGD - Rabbits

Was it this one?
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Old 05/18/12, 03:22 PM
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How did you find a dog like this one? This is exactly what I need. I have had escalating issues lately with Racoons eating chickens and it is just a matter of time before they start in on the rabbits. I would love to see a dog give some of these coons what they have been dishing out on our poor chickens.
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Old 05/18/12, 04:00 PM
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How cute! We have one like that too, she is a Border Collie mix that just showed up at our house last year as a puppy and hasn't left! She LOOOOVES the chickens and bunnies, in fact they are the only thing she doesn't try to herd, but she sure likes to lick and protect them. We always know if a predator is around!

Rabbit LGD - Rabbits
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Old 05/18/12, 04:29 PM
Join Date: Aug 2010
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Yes, dragonjaze, that's Rudy. Doesn't look like much of a motivated dog in that jpeg.

KEW This one of a kind dog was dumped at a friend of my son's home. We truly just lucked out.

Rudy has saved more rabbits in the palmetto thickets to more than pay for his dog food most months.

Last month, he was jumping straight up in the air. Over and over. Went to investigate, and found a diamondback rattler that he was uncomfortable with close to the rabbits.
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Old 05/18/12, 07:09 PM
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There are some dogs that just seem to know what is 'theirs' to protect. We had a collie/dane cross when I was a kid who protected the chickens ... we never lost a chicken to skunks (our major predator on the ranch) after she got to be adult.

I also had two different Rottweilers that were wonderful ... one would 'retrieve' baby bunnies that managed to escape ... the only issue was he insisted on bathing them while he was waiting for someone to come and put them back. The other Rott actually retrieved a rescued duck that managed to escape from the pen ... chased him over the bank to the creek and brought him back ... soft mouth retrieve that didn't even ruffle feathers.
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Old 05/18/12, 09:43 PM
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Our dogs have always been that way but we raised them all from puppies. They learned what to protect and how. We've had many baby bunnies brought to us unharmed both wild and domestic. My mom's bernese mountain dog could be trusted with all the pets but also many times protected me from coons and possums violently. My akita takes it a step further and categorizes animals to the point that she helped raise a 3 week old kitten and killed a feral that was attacking the bantam chickens and quail. Even within a species she can tell you what belongs and what does not.

Usual shiba inu disclaimer as they have no instinct to protect just fear of injury for harming something and the akita will kick her butt before I get there if anything makes a pained noise. When I say all dogs shibas aren't included.
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