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Old 08/22/11, 06:47 PM
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How much does feed weigh ?

Could anyone tell me how much rabbit pellets weigh? If I feed .25 cup per day for 4 months that is 120 cups or 7.5 gallons.

This online calc has a converter for cups into pounds. Is cup a measurement of weight as well as volume ?
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Old 08/22/11, 06:52 PM
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All brands of rabbit pellets are going to weigh different. You pretty much have to have a scale to figure out how much to feed.
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Old 08/22/11, 09:26 PM
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No, a cup is not a measure of weight as well as of volume. Think about it. Is a cup of feathers going to weigh the same as a cup of lead?

You need a scale. Inexpensive ones are readily available and very handy to have around.
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Old 08/24/11, 09:21 AM
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never weighed pellets. But I'd be willing to bet, if you figured about 60 pounds to a bushel, and a bushel is about 8 gallons, you will be in the general ballpark.
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