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Old 01/25/11, 10:01 AM
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Pel freeze

anyone here raising for pel freeze? what are the pros and cons? what are the must knows? thanks JIL
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Old 01/25/11, 11:35 AM
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look in the archives, been discussed many times ;-)
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Old 01/26/11, 12:17 AM
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I don't think that Pel Freez is taking on any new growers now. I was considering growing for them a year ago . Pel Freez has a lot of regulations that breeders have to go by that can be...well.. a pain sometimes. I can't remember them all at the moment, but they have a list on their website.

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Old 01/26/11, 09:21 AM
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In a nutshell, if you want to go with Pel-Freez, you have to do it on a large scale in order to make any profits. Start up costs will most likely scare you. Other than that, feed will be your biggest expense. To get cheaper feed, you must buy it in bulk (tons at a time). In order for your bulk feed to not go bad, you must feed it before it does. In order to feed that much feed, you are going to have to have a LOT of rabbits. Going to need a LOT of space, a LOT of time, and you're going to have to deal with a LOT of manure.

I enjoy raising rabbits. But I don't think I'd enjoy the day to day life of caring for many, many rabbits.
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Old 01/27/11, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by JIL View Post
anyone here raising for pel freeze? what are the pros and cons? what are the must knows? thanks JIL
Before relying on advice from people who don't deal with Pel-Freez, I would suggest you contact them directly. They don't bite and will answer questions not addressed on their website. In the past, acceptance of new growers has often been based on the # of fryers needed on a particular route.

I was (no longer....other opportunities arose) a grower for 12 years. I never found their regulations to be "a pain". Rules were developed to aid with producers becoming profitable and remaining in the business for a long time. I've seen many times that Pel-Freez wants their producers to have "air-conditioned barns". I've never been told that. It's never been in a newsletter to me and I did not have air-conditioning. However, I did use swamp coolers which greatly enhanced rabbit production without the huge expense of air-conditioners. The insulation of the ceiling is very important to rabbit welfare issues in Texas and other southern areas.

I don't feel that I was large scale when compared to friends with over 1,000 does. I never had more than 150 does and managed to generate the equivalent of a reliable part-time income at a job that I love!

I did not purchase feed in "bulk". My feed mill delivered two tons at a time
in sacks. I do know producers with bulk feed storage. However, that is an expensive startup and you must have room for the trucks/augers.

Lots of manure.............great income!!! Made one quarter as much money from manure sales as I did from fryer sales.

Good luck with your venture.
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Old 01/28/11, 03:37 PM
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Pel Freeze

I would agree with Linda, I have raised for PelFreeze for a number of years, and havent found the rules to be a problem at all. The insulation on the barn saves some litters from the heat and cold, As far as purchasing feed it makes good since to purchase a ton at a time as you will save some money. PF never missed a check and always kept me well informed as to what the plan was, Raising rabbits takes a commitment of time and resources, but is very rewarding when you get up to speed, Bill
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Old 01/28/11, 03:55 PM
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thanks ya'll pel freeze called and siad I should be getting a number in the next week or so!!! I have been raising rabbits for about 5yrs. but on a low scale the most at one time was 12 does. we have sheet metal to build the building with just waiting to get put up it will be open with fence walls to help keep the coons from having a midnight snack. thanks!
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Old 01/28/11, 09:23 PM
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about how long after filling the application out with pel freeze and turning it in did you have to wait before getting a growing number? i have been waiting 3 months and was wondering about how long do you think ill have to wait for my grower number?

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Old 01/29/11, 07:56 AM
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I have been waiting for about 5 or so months
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