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Old 06/20/10, 12:22 PM
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Meat Rabbits in Oregon?

I am looking for some meat rabbit breeds to get into here in oregon...the two does I got are a pet size, and I decided I really need larger meat rabbits. Mix breeds are fine, as long as they are commercial breeds. I would really love to get some interesting/rare breeds....

anyways...anyone close to either Salem or pendleton in oregon have meat buns for sale? I am specifically looking for two or three does, possibly more rabbits later on....

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Old 06/20/10, 12:24 PM
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we are north in lewis county

pm me if you wish
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Old 06/20/10, 03:29 PM
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I am in Roseburg, but will be taking a trip up north (through Salem) soon. I raise NZ, Cals., and Flemish. Some w/ pedigrees, some without, some for show, and some that are just large commercial meat breeds. You can PM me or email me at
Stump Acres Rabbitry
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Old 06/21/10, 01:56 AM
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I am in Deschutes County we have NZW's
show and breeding stock. I am headed on vacation for 2 weeks FYI, email is best if you are close to us! Good luck!!
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Old 06/21/10, 04:15 PM
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Meat rabbits in Oregon

I'm in the Hillsboro/Portland area & I have meat rabbits. I have New Zealands, Californians, standard Rex, American & mixes.
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Old 06/25/10, 12:16 AM
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I am in Vernonia..we now have Satins for meat, we also use the the satin pelts are very lovely...our new babies are weighing in at 5-6 pounds at ten weeks...We would love to visit!!
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Old 06/26/10, 11:20 AM
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Rarebreed: Americans & Silver Fox -West Coast

Considered as "critical" endangered breeds.

I'm into raising these rare breeds to help save them. So I have only pedigreed / purebreds. They have Grand Champion lines. I like to show rabbits.

Sometimes Americans can be born in wrong colors and are not show quality. These would make a good project for raising meat rabbits.
Here the Americans are close to max SR WT. I see them hit the 10 LB mark at about 4- 5 months of age.

I have a doe due in about a week. She looks to be very large and heavy with kits. Her mother is 12 LBS and I think my expecting doe is about the same, before I bred her. I expect white, black and blue kits.
I do not know if I will get those so called "sport" colors? I'm trying to breed out the steel color gene. Gold tipped steel color is possible if they still carry the gene. It makes a very pretty rabbit color.

I have 2 Silver Fox Litters that are thriving at the age of 1 week. All black color. Great mothers. I took no kit loss with either doe. They are big kits for their age.

Both are very hearty breeds, great mothers.

If interested in being on a waiting list let me know. Lots of show breeders do travel. Maybe a transport can be arranged. I'm in California.
I know quite a few are going to the Nationals this fall too.
I plan to keep a few to show, just not all of them.
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Old 06/27/10, 04:39 PM
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Silver Fox,
I may be interested in your rabbit!!
When are you comin to Oregon??
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