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Old 02/08/17, 05:51 PM
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Chicken injury - should I do anything?


This is the neck of my 7 month old golden laced polish hen. She disappeared for a few days. I thought I lost her to a hawk. Two nights (maybe 3) she was gone and then I found her trying to get back into the property through some field fencing. She got attacked by something. I just realized what's happening here on the back of her neck: she has a piece of flesh hanging off, even feathers are attached to the flesh mass. Its been 3 days since she's been back and haven't administered antibiotics but did give her electrolytes and isolate her on her return for recovery. She is behaving like a normal polish: loud and skittish (that's how my 4 polish act, including my rooster).

Should I do anything or be concerned with the way her neck looks? It's pretty disgusting.


ImageUploadedByHomesteading Today1486594245.716828.jpg
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Old 02/08/17, 06:51 PM
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I hardly know enough about this but is it possible to bandage it to hold the skin in place? I don't know if it would heal over like ours would but it may keep it clean?

Without knowing what you keep your chickens for I'll just share that one of ours got its leg broken and we tried to "help" it. At this point I don't know what I was thinking (as if I could do something) because it ended up getting infected and dying. In hind sight I should have just put it out of its misery and saved the meat
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Old 02/08/17, 06:53 PM
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I'd spray it with a topical antiseptic and maybe try to remove some of the feathers from the wound.

If you can get it clean you may want to wrap it loosely with gauze or Vet Wrap to keep out dirt and flies

Give her oral antibiotics too
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Old 02/09/17, 10:56 AM
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Keep her away from the other birds.
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Old 02/13/17, 08:10 AM
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Thank everybody. I put her on antibiotics and isolated her. She is doing well and ready to be back in the mix of the flock.
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Old 02/13/17, 10:07 AM
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Glad she did well.Might need to make a chicken coat with high neck collar.
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Old 02/17/17, 09:45 AM
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Update: I went to take her off antibiotics this morning (still keeping her isolated) and noticed she had blood all over her head. I think she scratched at the flesh that was hanging off (although healing very very well). I feel I have two options: euthanize the bird or cut the flesh chunk completely off. Thoughts? How would I even numb the area when I take a knife to the back of her neck or is that something to even be concerned with? She's 8 months old and has plenty of spark left but I also don't need a bird that needs constant attention...

Euthanize or snip it?

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Old 02/17/17, 11:42 AM
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If she's not a real important bird, I'd axe her unless you are willing to keep her isolated until she's completely healed. If she goes back in the flock with any sort of injury, they are going to pick at her. You could try trimming it up (scissors?) and daubing on something like Blue-Kote or anti-pick, but it might not help her in the flock, depending on how bad it is.
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Old 02/17/17, 01:28 PM
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When I've had injuries to my flock like that (and even worse than the picture you shared), isolating her for at least 2 weeks until the hole heals up and is closed is the best.

I don't think she scratched at it, I would guess that the other chickens pecked at her until she bled.

I have used Neosporin (without the pain relief ingredient) + Blu Kote with very good success. Isolate her until the wound is totally closed. While healing the feathers will begin to grow back, too.

I have used vet wrap to keep the wound loosely covered (mostly to keep dirt and other things out of the healing wound) with mixed results.

I wouldn't both snipping the excess skin off just yet. Let her do some healing first.
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