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Old 10/22/13, 06:18 PM
Join Date: Nov 2007
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What would take a HUGE Pekin duck, no remains?

Last week a cochin went missing. I found alot of feathers in a wooded area, but no carcass, or any remains. Two days later, a very big pekin duck was gone!! Searched everywhere, and nothing found, NOTHING!!
Set a trap all week...nothing. Locked everyone up for a couple days.
So, my Lab dog chased down a possum one night. We've had many of those around, and never had them attack anything here.
The other thing..2 large hawks spending too much time here. Also don't think it was the hawks, because, I believe the duck would have put up a fight, and leave feathers. Too heavy to carry off, and no remains found anywhere...just MISSING? TERRIBLE! The remaining ducks have been very nervous, staying clumped together in the pond, or at one end. They usually roam all around.
Any ideas what would take a HUGE duck, and leave no trace? Two years was a bob cat...we caught it! But I always found the remains (UGH big mess)
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Old 10/22/13, 06:30 PM
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Owls will take cats. I had one cat survive an attack. She took a long time to heal. Owls took most of the silkies, the guineas and the Muscovys.
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Old 10/22/13, 08:35 PM
KSALguy's Avatar
Lost in the Wiregrass
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large owls, Eagles, Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, feral dog, or Humans will take a whole big bird like that and leave little to no trace behind,

you need better fences or better guard dogs, predators will find a good place to eat and keep coming back until there is nothing left to eat and then move on,
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Old 10/22/13, 08:40 PM
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Could have been wanderlust, I suppose, but more likely any of the animals KSALguy suggested.

I'm sorry you lost your stock.
Je ne suis pas Alice
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Old 10/23/13, 05:35 PM
bonnie in indiana's Avatar  
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Location: INDIANA, poultry for 40+ years
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I recently lost some birds. I thought coyotes but then was almost beheaded by a Red Tailed Hawk, he was flying at the barn door as I stepped into the doorway.

I spoke with DNR=wildlife Biologist. He said that a Red Tailed Hawk can carry off a FULL grown wild rabbit. Well I guess it was a hawk [or Eagle, I have them as I live next to a river].

The man did say that I can get a permit to kill a nuisance HAWK and gave me the number to call for Indiana. I am not a good shot at moving animals other than coyotes so I did not call. Been moving stuff in the yard around and letting the birds out only late in the day when I am outside. Working so far .
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Old 10/23/13, 06:57 PM
KSALguy's Avatar
Lost in the Wiregrass
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: S.E.Alabama
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a red tail hawk can carry off a couple lbs, but an adult Peking duck could be up to 11lbs much larger than a hawk, an eagle MIGHT be able to accomplish this, but its likely a large four legged preditor,
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Old 10/23/13, 06:59 PM
Join Date: Nov 2007
Posts: 1,804
Don't think these are Red Tailed hawks. I some googled some images. However, they are a pretty good size. Anyway, I haven't seen them today, and things have been quiet. It's so strange, because, yesterday I was surprised to find one of my chickens out first thing in the morning. Obviously, she was out all night. She probably slipped by me when I went to feed. I let her stay out all day, and nothing came around. Traps still set, and we are being cautious. made me laugh about humans not leaving a trace...anything is possible.
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Old 10/24/13, 03:15 AM
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You mention a pond, what about snapping turtles? I have no experience with them, but have heard they can take ducks, etc.
~ Carol
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Old 10/24/13, 07:39 AM
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: northcentral MN
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You don't give your state so it's hard to tell but whatever it was is large enough to carry the whole bird away. That rules out owls and hawks.

I would lock the birds up at dusk and not let them out until after sunup.
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Old 10/25/13, 05:05 PM
Join Date: Nov 2007
Posts: 1,804
I Live in central Florida. Everyone gets locked up before 5 pm. They go out after sun rise. These birds were taken in broad daylight, and I was home.
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Old 10/26/13, 08:07 AM
parrotman's Avatar  
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Old 10/26/13, 09:56 PM
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Do you get eagles around there? They are moving south here in Minnesota. Actually the ones that move are mostly gone.

Don't forget feral cats. They'll take out some pretty big animals.
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Old 10/27/13, 10:48 AM
Join Date: Apr 2011
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that bird flew away
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Old 10/27/13, 11:33 AM
Registered User
Join Date: Feb 2013
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I had a Saxony drake disappear last spring. Afterward I found out that it had been up on the road after horses! Wouldn't be surprised if someone walked off with it, & had it for dinner! Wouldn't blame them, but I wish someone would have told me before he disappeared!
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Old 10/31/13, 11:55 AM
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Location: Oregon
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Bumpin' this thread. You live in central fl? My top 3 guesses would be:
Boa constrictor or other giant snake
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Old 10/31/13, 03:14 PM
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Location: Wyoming
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I lost a load of ducks to a coyote. Could also be a dog. Owls leave behind evidence in my experience. Some hawks could probably carry a pekin off but none that I'm aware of around me.
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