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Old 12/21/11, 10:43 PM
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: New Mexico
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Lay crumbles vs lay pellets

We have noticed a big jump in egg production when we switched to lay crumbles. We've gone from about 22-24/day to 40 today! Amazing.

We have 45 barred rocks. We are also feeding the lay crumbles to the new babies who are about 2 1/2 months now. (Buff rocks)

Anyone else try the crumbles?
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Old 12/21/11, 11:04 PM
Bearfootfarm's Avatar
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I like the pellets due to less waste.
Since the formulas are the same, I imagine your jump in production would have happened even if you hadn't switched
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Old 12/21/11, 11:18 PM
Join Date: Aug 2011
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Would love to know more about your flock. Age, brand of food, any other changes. Thats one heck of a jump. Either way, glad you got them coming in.
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Old 12/21/11, 11:32 PM
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: New Mexico
Posts: 454
They are just over a year old. (August was a year). We get feed from here in New Mexico....forget the name. I'll check tomorrow.

Re: Waste. We still feed them the same amount each day.
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Old 12/21/11, 11:37 PM
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Pellets cause less waste but mine were always much more eager to eat the crumbles. The bantams would sometimes start to starve themselves foraging during times of year that weren't ideal rather than eat the pellets. Pellets became last resort food despite having the same ingredients and they would eat the slightly smaller rabbit pellets quite happily. Since it was also harder to get pellets (nearby feed store does not carry them) I just fed them crumbles. The waste was not that high. Vermin were far more of an issue and they sure didn't care if we had pellets, crumbles, or some feed that got wet and dried in to a solid block.
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Old 12/22/11, 11:50 AM
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A year or so ago I had some troubles with aggression in the flock I had then. One poor little hen was on her way to getting picked to death. One of the things I learned in researching ways to turn things around was that offering pellets over crumbles made it possible for the hens to eat more in a shorter amount of time. This left them time to get into trouble.

I did quite a few different things to change the dynamic, and one of them was to switch to crumbles. They're busier at the feed trough, and that leaves them less time to find mischief.

I'm glad your production is increasing; that's great! But I thought it bore mentioning in case you start to see some picking.
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Old 12/22/11, 01:39 PM
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: New Mexico
Posts: 454
We were buying our feed from Tractor Supply but now we buy it at a local feed lot. Not sure it has to do with crumble vs pellets or just the brand.

What do you all think of Tractor Supply feed?

The feed is here in New Mexico called Onate Feed. They only have a FB page.
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Old 12/22/11, 01:50 PM
GrannyCarol's Avatar
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Location: Eastern WA
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I have ducks, they waste crumbles horribly, maybe as much as a third of them. I feed pellets.
~ Carol
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Old 12/22/11, 01:59 PM
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: New Mexico
Posts: 454
We feed twice/day. And put it in a feeder and a bin (a dog feeder that we keep open all the time) we see what is eaten etc. They clean it all up!
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Old 12/22/11, 02:49 PM
sammyd's Avatar  
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We have tried crumbles and mash and we have found the crumbles to be the way to go. Never bothered with pellets.
As far as TSC, any feed I've ever compared is at least a buck a bag higher than our regular sources.
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