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Old 08/25/11, 05:43 PM
garliclady's Avatar  
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red chicken pea comb what kind is it

We bought chicks this spring from 2 sources some RIR and Barred rocks from Southern hatchery and some Americanas from the local feed and seed. Some of what we thought were Americanas ended up being Barnvelders. We have noticed that some of the red chickens are not RIR They are red slightly lighter with pea combs and seem to mature later than the RIR. The RIR are mature enough that we can tell the hens from the roosters the others have small combs even though one is crowing now
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Old 08/25/11, 11:44 PM
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Lost in the Wiregrass
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If they are red like the RIR they sound like a Buckeye. Post pics to be sure.
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Old 08/26/11, 12:01 AM
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Either a Buckeye or a Red Chantecler? Pictures would help.

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Old 08/27/11, 12:12 AM
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Barnevelders have dark brown eggs and are rare. I would be thrilled if they made that mistake!
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Old 08/28/11, 08:23 AM
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I know I was realy suprised . One of the barnvelders had a hurt leg and we pulled out of the flock we didn't think it would make it but it did and now is a pet and hangs out with our kittens that were born around the same time . Barnvelders are such gentle chickens . I do believe the red ones are buckeyes. None have started laying yet, can;t wait.
Cornerstone Garlic Farm
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