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Pigs Come Roll in the Mud with Us!

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Old 08/17/11, 04:18 PM
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Exclamation HELP!! Sick orphaned piglet!

For some reason I guess I am known around this town as the lady everyone brings their animals to that need homes! Friend called me late last night and they found a tiny piglet on the side of the road, in the middle of no-where! When they stopped to pick it up a hawk flew off. Seems it stole the baby from its mama. It is probably 2 lbs or so and had its eyes open.

Now I have raised pigs for butcher and am currently on the hunt for a sow to keep in our forever family and start raising pigs. BUT I have no experiance with baby babies, exspecially not orphaned ones.

When I picked him up he was shivering and warm feeling so they thought he was running a fever. From me reading though is that he was actually cold so I put him on a heating pad and the shivering has quit. They tried feeding him multi-species milk replacer through a bottle. He sounds a bit gurgly when I can get him to squeel. I am trying to feed him in a dish now since I read that he has less chance of asperating that way.

Right now he just acts really lethargic. I have to rub him pretty vigorously to get him to move around. He just lays on his side and doesn't even really want to open his eyes. He acts really tired but I know I have to get something down him.

Please help! What do I need to be doing? Is there something I can give him to get him perked up? I have some B vitamans, can you use that on pigs? Do I need to give him electrolytes?

What do I do!?!?! TIA!

Sorry, probably a ton of typos but I have a pig in my lap and little bitty keyboard!
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Old 08/17/11, 04:58 PM
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I would try tubing it, to get something in its stomach till it could suck/eat on its own. Adding vitamins, and electrolytes won’t hurt an can only help.

Where in AR are you if your close enough, I wouldn’t mind helping you with it.

Good luck with it, maybe someone else has something else you could try.

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Old 08/17/11, 05:10 PM
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I personally would try to find out who's pig just farrowed and get it back to its mom. Baby pigs are not easy to hand raise. In the meantime try to get some colostrum from your vet or some of the powdered colostrum from a feed store and get that into it. Keep it warm and fed. Does it try to suckle at all? Can you tell if it is feral? What is the coloring?
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Old 08/17/11, 05:54 PM
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Try Karo syrup in some warm water. Hold this piglet upright and try using a syringe. This should give him a quick boost and get it on it's feet. Then work on getting some milk into it.
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Old 08/18/11, 08:59 AM
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Mr. Piggy died yesterday evening. I think he just had way to much drama with the hawk and all.

Thank you all, I will know what to do if there is ever a next time. Hopefully not!
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