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Pigs Come Roll in the Mud with Us!

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Old 06/30/10, 06:30 PM
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question for best fencing for pigs

I would like to ge a Piglet to raise for butchering in the late fall. I was wondering what is the best fencing method. I will want to be able to move it so the pig can graze throughout my property (3acres pasture) I want to fence in about 20 x 20' at a time. I have electric wire, could I use that with wood posts or would the pig dig out the posts regardless of the electric fence? Thanks for any advice

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Old 06/30/10, 06:43 PM
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Step-in posts are cheaper and easier to move. Put the electric on the inside of the posts and the pig'll stay away from it.

You will need to train it to the electric inside a solid -- hog panels, woven wire, etc -- enclosure before you turn it out in electric alone. That or be on hand when you move them out so you can thwart and/or fix any escape attempts/escapes.
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Old 07/02/10, 12:37 PM
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Electric fence is, by far, the best system available for pigs. Like the previous poster said, make sure they know what it is. The only problem I see is that it is sometimes difficult to get the pig to move past where the electric fence used to be after you take it up.
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Old 07/02/10, 03:42 PM
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Be prepared to not have a pasture left after the pig has covered all of the ground. The pig will root it up and leave it looking like it has been plowed!

If you don't mind that... also consider this: I have found that while electric does a great job of keeping a pig in, it works best in larger areas. 20x20 is not that big of an area. At a bare minimum I would consider 30x30 - which is still not that big. The smaller the enclosure, the more breakouts you will encounter.

Add to all that... think about the time involved of putting up and tearing down the fence. Will you have access to an outlet for the charger or will you be using solar?
You might be better off fencing in the whole 3 acres, cross-fencing it into sections, and then rotate pastures periodically.
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