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Pigs Come Roll in the Mud with Us!

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Old 06/10/10, 07:40 PM
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pig with swollen eyes

I need some help. I have a weiner pig I bought to raise for meat. We got him on April 23. He was small and because of the cold and my ignorance he developed pink eye and then some pneumonia. I treated him with la 200 and the pink eye went away. Friend said to give penicillin for the pneumonia. Cleared right up. Noticed that he was starting to get pink eye again. WTH Started him on la bicillin for 2 days and it wasn't clearing up. I figured maybe I wasn't right on the dosage so I upped it . No difference. I then tried penicillin at a 100 lb dose for three days. I tried warm wash cloths with salt water. I clean his pen every couple of days and put fresh straw down. His eyes are so swollen that he can not see very well. He eats and squeels and acts fine. We live in very sandy soil like a sand dune and he is always rooting. Any ideas???
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Old 06/10/10, 11:16 PM
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Im new to piggies but it almost sounds like hes alergic, allergies or the straw could be poking him in the eyes maybe take the straw all the way out if he wont get to cold depending on the area you are in.
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Old 06/11/10, 05:24 PM
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do you have a picture?
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Old 06/11/10, 05:26 PM
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maybe he has conjuctivitis?
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