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Pigs Come Roll in the Mud with Us!

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Old 01/17/10, 11:58 AM
Join Date: Oct 2006
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newly castrated piglet not doing so well.

We picked up 5 - almost 3 month old piglets yesterday. 4 are males and cut on Thur/Friday. 3 are doing great. 1 holds back and did shiver some.
I tried some warm milk with his food after DH came in saying he wasn't up to par. I think he did eat, so maybe why he didn't want more. But the others sure did.
So he is off a bit.
Where we bought them from suggested Terramyacin poweder in some water. Any other suggestions?
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Old 01/17/10, 04:12 PM
highlands's Avatar
Walter Jeffries
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A percentage, generally fairly small, of castrations go wrong sickening or even killing the piglet. It is surgery so there are some unfortunate side effects from infection to excessive bleeding to hernias. If it has an infection already then antibiotics may be required to save it. When doing castrations it is important to be antiseptic and all that but even then it doesn't always go perfectly and the pigs don't always cooperate with keeping their wounds clean afterwards. Putting them in clean straw or hay helps but only so much. It could also be in shock, possibly from bleeding.

I would suggest separating that pig from the others while it recuperates whether you give it antibiotics or not. Work on giving it liquids. Sweet water or sweet milk is good. You may also want to keep it warm - tis the cold season. Battling both the cold, injury of castration and an infection may be too much for the piglet.

Three months old is rather old to be castrating so that could be an issue.

This is part of why we don't castrate.

Good luck.


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Old 01/17/10, 06:10 PM
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three months old is late to be cutting, most are cut at less than 30 days. have you cut before ??. sounds like they may have prolapesed\\(sp)
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Old 01/17/10, 08:24 PM
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 112
Thanks Walter, I will try in the am to get him separate. They are burrowing nicely in 2 bales of straw in their house. Steam arising and a butt here and there was visible. It was toasty in there.

yes, they should have been cut earlier and actually I thought they had been. But when we picked them they had just cut them the day before. Miscommunication. We've had some cold weather since Christmas and cutting was put off way too long apparently.
We did not do the cutting, the breeder did. And they've been doing along time so I wasn't worried. Well should have been, but can't change anything now.

We got some warmed yogurt, milk and molasses down him around lunch time. He is drinking a bit but not interested in food much this evening.
Then later this evening got some Duramyacin down him with a syringe.

Just looking for advice on how to treat him.
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Old 01/18/10, 11:45 AM
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If he is swelled up bigger then the other pigs he could be have infection. But I would be concerned about pnemonia with all the stress that has ben put on them.
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Old 01/18/10, 06:43 PM
highlands's Avatar
Walter Jeffries
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Mountains of Vermont, Zone 3
Posts: 9,502
If you don't want to do the modern antibiotics some old fashion remedies could be tried. Garlic and sulfur (which is in garlic) are possibilities. Good luck.
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Old 01/21/10, 12:23 PM
Laura Workman's Avatar
(formerly Laura Jensen)
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Yeah, I'm thinking that castration, weaning, and moving to a new place, all within a couple days, would be a good way to stress a piglet, especially if the castration didn't go too well. Hope he pulls through for you.
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Old 01/22/10, 01:59 PM
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 112
He is great now! A few doses of La-200 and he came right around finally.
He is eating, drinking, tiling and chasing apples and squash around the pen before goggling them up.
He still has some swelling so now that DH is home from his out of town trip we will do some close examination of the cut, maybe flush it if needed.
He is strong enough to hold him still so I can do some doctoring.

Thanks everyone.
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