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Old 09/06/09, 11:38 PM
desertshi's Avatar  
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Homemade smokers?

Anyone have one? If'd ya make it? Can anyone post pics.

I am nearing time to butcher and dress my first hog ever!! He is around 4 months old and, though I haven't measured him yet (gotta convince DH to help me out!!) I would guess that he easily weighs about 130-150 Ibs. I plan to butcher him late Nov. or early Dec. and would like to smoke ham for Christmas!! MMMMMMM!!!! I would like to make a homemade smoker and wanna know how it may have worked out for others! Thanks!!
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Old 09/07/09, 12:07 PM
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Walter Jeffries
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Good book:

Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design


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in the mountains of Vermont
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Old 09/11/09, 01:42 PM
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Nobody has a homemade smoker and is willing to share?
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Old 09/11/09, 02:22 PM
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I've seen pictures of some made out of cinder blocks laid up dry with a tin top. Cousin made one out of a round hog feeder.
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Old 09/11/09, 04:56 PM
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Location: North East Pennsylvania
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I'd be interested too!!! We are renting a smoker for this pig at 60 bucks a pop but man we would love to make our own for sure.
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Old 09/12/09, 08:15 AM
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I built a cold smoker this past Spring. I searched and searched designs on the internet, etc., and finally came up with this one. It is based on a picture I saw on the net of the way they commonly build these in eastern europe. I have a bullet-style electric smoker, and was able to use the barrel and lid of that in the design, but you could use other materials for thaqt part (the part that holds your meat).

Basically, you build this smoker as a trench on a hill. The fire is built in a pit at the lower end, the smoke is contained in a pipe, and exits at a point uphill, underneath your container with the meat in it.

Here's how I did it - I dug a trench the same length as three combined lengths of stove pipe. Be sure to dig it deep enough to bury the stove pipe, this will help keep the smoke cool in warmer weather. The hill/incline does not have to be steep. You can obviously even create the hill via digging it that way. If I were to do it again, I might add another length of stove pipe. Smoking in warmer temps here, sometimes my smoker would reach 110, which is a little high for cold smoking things like hams. I dug out a fire pit large enough to accomodate small logs of apple wood cut from trees. It's about 20"X20" by about 18" deep, and lined with old chimney brick. I use an old piece of sheet metal to cover/uncover this hole to whatever degree necessary to keep a nice, low, smoldery smoky fire going. At the upper end, I attached one 90 degree elbow to guide the smoke up out of the ground. I simply place my grill barrel and lid over this to recieve the smoke. You could use an old trash can with the bottom cut out and a means to lay or hang your meat inside. Opening your lid a bit will create more draft.

Viola. A smoker. I bought the stove pipe, so the whole thing cost me about $18 to build. I have used it several times now over the summer, making bacon and smoked shoulder for barbecue, and it has worked wonderfully.
Hope this helps.
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Old 09/12/09, 11:45 AM
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Location: Southern Tier, NY
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Thanks Welshmom. That's the kind of smoker I was thinking of - a smokehouse of sorts, not a bbq pit/smoke pit for cooking a hog. I have one like Allen W talked about and it worked well for a whole pig.
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Old 09/12/09, 01:23 PM
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Never found the one I was looking for but here is a good link just don't look at it if your hungry. Here is a couple more ideas
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Old 09/12/09, 04:05 PM
Registered Users
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The place for all things smoking -

The search feature helps cull because there is so much information.

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Old 09/12/09, 04:15 PM
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Location: Southern Tier, NY
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Old 09/16/09, 12:48 PM
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Location: N. Georgia
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Are you wanting to hot smoke or cold smoke?

I just got my cold smoker going and it works GREAT!

Here's how I lucked into this one. I was at the Goodwill store (my FAVORITE shopping venue!) and came across a large metal cabinet about 2' X 3' X 3' with hinged doors front and back. Upon further investigation it became apparent that this was an old computer server cabinet. It was marked $7.00!!!

As it happens I had some bellies in the fridge curing that would be ready in a week or so and I immediately thought SMOKER!

MAJOR SCORE!Homemade smokers? - Pigs

I bought an electric hot plate from Wal-Mart for $8.00 and found an old 9"X9" pan in the barn for the smoke generator. Fill the pan with small hunks of apple wood from a tree I took down last year.

Got a pice of lumber and cut it to fit across one of the sets of mounting rails in the cabinet and added some hooks from the hardware store and I'm up and running.
Homemade smokers? - Pigs

The hot plate has a thermostatic control on it so it can be set so that the wood just smolders. I was able to keep the temp around 90-100F and still have a lot of good smoke.

I'm pretty stoked about this one. $20.00 invested and it's got a LOT of capacity.

Since I took these pictures I have closed off most of the ventilation holes in the cabinet with aluminum duct tape for better smoke retention. I also found a tall cylindrical stainless steel vessel ~6" diameter and~9" tall (at Goodwill) that I'm now using for the wood cannister. I can get about 5-6 hours of smoke with it before having to re-load.

I've also built a hot smoker for doing whole hogs but I don't have any pictures. I may try and take some and post them later.

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Old 09/17/09, 12:59 PM
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Southern Tier, NY
Posts: 104
Very cool.
I want to be able to hot and cold smoke.
I really like the idea of a hot plate so you can control the heat and smoke better. Being tied to a fire would get old.

I think insulation would be a good idea too - maybe more important where I am though.
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