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Old 12/02/05, 11:59 AM
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Question Time from farrow to finish?

Iím doing the numbers for my upcoming pig enterprise and I need to know how long it takes from farrow to finish. I used one source, which details the weight gain per day, feed requirements per day and total feed. I derived the following from that.
Final Weight 220#
Grain consumed 590#
Days to finish 77

The figures for grain consumption seem to be reasonable but 77 days from birth to market seems short. Iím out of town on business so I donít have access to my reference material. Can anyone shed some light on this?
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Old 12/02/05, 12:09 PM
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We usually run ours to about 6 months. I don't know about your area, but here in Ohio, they are wanting hogs around 250 - 270+. That has raised a lot in the last few years. The premiums are paid on a backfat test that is good. You have to look to find a stockyard doing this but it is worth it.
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Old 12/02/05, 12:14 PM
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With good timing a sow can farrow twice in a year. Here first litter should be ready to go to market as the sow is farrowing the second litter. A 50 lb feeder pigs should consume 10 bushel of corn and 150 lbs of supplement and weigh 220 to 240lbs in 115 days.
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Old 12/02/05, 03:21 PM
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I think I found the problem with my info. The info on the internet probably contained a typo and they meant grain instead of gain.
If I assume they meant grain consumed versus weight gained, the time comes out to be 151.5 days or about 5 months. This seems much more reasonable.
I also assume that since my operation is going to be more of a homestead vs factory hog farm, 6 months would be a good estimate, which is in line with the replies so far.
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Old 12/02/05, 03:42 PM
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for potbellies it's more like 9 months, I traded slower growth for pasturing
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Old 12/08/05, 09:52 PM
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agmantoo, What kind of supplement do you use to mix with the corn. I currently use a 20% pig and sow from southern states mixed 50/50 with ground corn, however am always open to saving some money. I would like a real good recipe feed if anyone ever comes across one.
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