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Old 09/10/05, 09:40 AM
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Question when do goats start "showing"?

We just started in Boer goats last spring and when we brought home our girls in late May, we think they bred with our billy that day, but my question is....
When do goats start showing so you can really tell that they are for sure pregnant? I've looked everywhere on the internet and I can't find anything on the subject. If they did breed on the day we brought them home, then 150 days from then would be October 18th. Would they be getting really fat by now? They are a little fat, but so is the billy. Too much grass.
If anybody knows, please tell me. Thanks.
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Old 09/10/05, 11:15 AM
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Most does would look obviously bred at this point. Of course, there are those few who never really show at all. Start watching for udder development and changes in their bottoms.
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Old 09/10/05, 05:52 PM
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Our first freshners start showing REALLY early, they have to develope udders and then fill them up. But our goats that are 3yrs and older seem to wait until the last month or two to show that they are defintly pregnant, at least by looking at them. You can tell as early as three months old though if you fell their stomach, can't remember which side, but one side you can feel the baby and the other side though is moving all the time though because that is where their stomach is. Hopw this helps, Bye.
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Old 09/10/05, 07:52 PM
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I actually have an answer sort of to this!

On they were talking about lifting the abdoman just infront of the udder so I tried it on a doe that I bought and wasn't sure if she was bred when I got her. Guess what! I felt a Ping. And I tried it again on another day and felt another ping! So when they start showing? Wouldn't that depend on the number of kids they are carrying and if they had kidded before?

I really suggest people check out they have a lot of info over there. I'd like to find other web sites. Does anyone know of any other good goat web sites?

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Old 09/13/05, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Caren is a paid subscription. I was never able to find where it said how much it cost; I just figured it out. It's $6. Not bad compared to other chat rooms and message forums. Looks like to has lots of info in there.

The emergency forum is FREE. There is a ton of useful info on that site for free.
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