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Old 05/15/05, 10:57 PM
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sweetlix minerals for goats?

I see sweetlix has a loose mineral for only goats. It is supposed to have ALL the copper AND Selinium a goat needs. Anyone use it? Is there a better mineral for goats? I was using sweetlix w/ Rumensin in block form. Seemed to work for cocci. Will This loose work for it as well? Need a loose mineral instead of a block,right?!.

Where do I get it? I saw it through Jeffers. Can I get it locally? need feed back please. Thanks Katharine
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Old 05/16/05, 01:31 AM
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I was using the Sweetlix before I got the sheep. It worked really well and the critters liked it.

Goats like loose minerals better than the block minerals. So they eat more of them (that's a good thing).

The farmer's coop here carries Sweetlix, I can't help you with where to get it in Ok.
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Old 05/16/05, 06:09 AM
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I use it too but at the advice of my vet I also offer Agway brand sheep loose mineral. Its Se content is higher.
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Old 05/16/05, 07:46 AM
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Loose minerals are always better than a block for a goat.
We have used Sweetlix but we currently have Purina Goat Mineral which they seem to like better. Cost was $10 for 25#. Purina might be more readily available than Sweetlix.

We administer BoSe twice per year and the herd seems to be fine. Our main concern is copper. If the Oberhasli are lacking in copper they begin to turn blonde and/or develop a bald spot around the eyes, tip of tail or nose. So, in addition to the loose minerals we give copper bolus 2-3 times per year.

If you must feed a block form, Dumor has a horse block that is high in copper. Available at Tractor Supply, I think it was around $12 for a 40# block. Don't get the sheep/goat block. The copper is minimal.

Hi Mo!
Charleen in Western NY

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