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Old 07/10/12, 08:31 PM
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Help me figure this out. Weaning and milking?

Right now I have the doelings separated from momma at night and then I milk in the morning, leaving them together throughout the day. They are 5 1/2 weeks right now and doing great.

How do I progress from here? Basically, when and how do I get to milking her twice a day? Do I just wait until a certain age and completely separate the kids into another pen? If so, will I ever be able to put them back together?

Sorry, for all the questions, but I just can't figure this out in my head.
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Old 07/10/12, 09:44 PM
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rather depends on what you want to do. if you want to wean at 2-3 months, then you'd just put them up or sell at that time, and start 2x milking. you eventually will be able to put them back together, but it will be a looong time. my ober cross was still trying to sneak a suck at about a year old, and she was bred . that dam died so I don't know how long that would've kept on.

you can just leave babies on them, as you are, for much longer. the mother will wean when she sees fit to.

this really depends on you, and your situation. if you have a place that can contain those babies from mom (not always easy!), and wish to milk twice a day, you will be able to. myself, if I wanted to retain them and wasn't starving for milk, I'd leave them on as you are now, til she starts to wean on her own.
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Old 07/10/12, 10:21 PM
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Oh good thread! My Saanen has a buckling that was born 3/31. I don't have a place to separate them easily. Mom shows NO signs of weaning her bad boy. At what age to they normally wean? (First goats here, learning as fast as I can!)
Daryl in Maine
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Old 07/10/12, 11:06 PM
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Hmmmm....I would say that I could definitely use the extra milk, so that is a factor. I am also retaining both doelings as this was a line I wanted and their sire (owned by a different dairy farm) died shortly after their birth so these are some of his last.

I do have a separate paddock I could eventually move them into.
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Old 07/10/12, 11:18 PM
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I don't think I've ever successfully weaned a dam raised kid without totally separating. It's one of the reasons I bottle feed babies. Some moms will kick them off, but very few. It varies as to when you can put them back together without them going right back to nursing. Sometimes the doe has to be all the way dried off before she'll stop letting them nurse!

If you're keeping the babies, I wouldn't wean them until 3 to 4 months at a minimum. The longer you can hold off, the better the growth they'll have.
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Old 07/11/12, 05:24 PM
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How weaning goes depends ALOT on the doe and kids. I bought a new doe this year that is very attached to her kid. Kept them separated for 7 weeks after weaning, and the day he was reunited with her, he ran right to her, started suckling, and she started bagging back up. Separated them again, and after several months I had to put him in an adjoining pen. After 2 weeks of having him so close, she decided to clear a 4 foot fence to be with him again! He is not suckling again, but they are inseparable and even snuggle together at nap time. He is almost 8 months old and such a mama's boy!
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Old 07/12/12, 09:59 AM
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When I'm milking, I remove the kids at 5 to 8 weeks depending on whether they are a single or a twin and how they are performing, and whether it's bucks or does. I leave the does on the mama a little longer if she's one I'm going to keep.

When I separate them, I put the kids on Noble Goat Grower for 28 days to prevent coccidiosis. The kids I keep will not go back in with the mama until she is dried up.
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Old 07/12/12, 02:38 PM
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Guess we have been lucky with our dam. We separate our kids at night first when they start eating hay on their own (about 4 months) then at about 5 months we separate them full time day and night. They all complain for about the first week, then they get over it. We keep them separated for about 3 months after that before letting them back in with mom, who when we do let them in kicks them off and won't let them nurse.
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