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Old 10/18/11, 05:23 PM
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What is the average cost of a Nubian

Doe in milk? What would you except to pay? Ball parks are good!
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Old 10/18/11, 06:32 PM
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I think some of it depends on whether its in the spring in milk or in the fall/winter in milk. Expect to pay alot more in the fall/winter than spring. I would expect to pay minimum of $300-$500 this time of year for a health one in milk depending on quantitiy milking and whether its a first freshener or older doe.
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Old 10/18/11, 11:14 PM
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Would depend on the goat......

What us the breeding?

Udder quality?

Current documented health test?

Disbudded or horned?

I've seen some Nubians I wouldn't pay $100 for & some worth 5 times that easily.
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Old 10/18/11, 11:45 PM
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I rarely have milkers for sale... but when I do.. they avg. $350 to $400.. (that's for a ADGA reg. Purebred nubian doe..Easy to milk, with good manners...disbudded of course....CAE neg ( annual herd wide test results available for viewing).. CL free (again herd wide) and since I have nubians.... G6S Normal (the entire herd was tested for G6S back in Aug)..The demand for milkers, esp. in the fall is crazy... I get requests at least once a week (sometimes several in a day from folks looking for does in milk)...

BUT.. I get very emotionally attached to my does, so almost all of my sells are spring kids & FF... so each year, I end up keeping fewer kids then I would like to.. just so I don't have to sell any of my *friends* LOL

susie, mo ozarks
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Old 10/19/11, 03:20 AM
Lucas Farm & WV Raw Milk
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I don't ever sell milkers, but to get a nice quality doe, expect
I would expect to pay minimum of $300-$500 this time of year for a health one in milk depending
AT least.
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Old 10/20/11, 10:23 AM
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I would expect to pay at least $350 for a doe in milk. As noted, it depends on the bloodlines and such.

I don't require a pretty goat, but one with a good bag and great milk? Expect in the $400 range.

You may be better off with a bottle baby, for which you can expect to pay about half that price.
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