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Old 03/27/11, 03:42 AM
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Redding California
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Emergency c-section

My 5 year old doe had an emergency c-section this afternoon. She had been in labor for about 12 hours, and even the more experienced goat people could not figure out what was going on. The cervix was not dialating, but they could feel a foot, no a nose, no a butt.... ribs???? When the vet finally got the cervix to open she looked at me and told me to make a choice of doe or kids because she wasn't sure if she could save both (she also stated she thought the doe had a ruptured uterus). So once inside she found that the baby who was clogging up the whole train was actually curled up like a human baby (which was why they couldn't tell which way baby was sitting). Both babies are doing ok, they are eating, but they are getting cold easy. Mom is eating, but obviously not a happy go lucky goat. She is on Banamine and Biomycin. I have an awsome vet!!!
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Old 03/27/11, 04:39 AM
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Location: South Dakota
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Yes you do have an awesome vet.! After care is criticle now. Those babies must be kept warm. Towels fresh from the dryer help. Keep rubbing them and make sure they are not cold...even if you have to bring them in the house. They CANNOT be cold and eat. OMG...what an experience for you! just think.....warm, colostrum, mama comfort. Good luck keepus posted!
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Old 03/27/11, 08:28 AM
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Wow. That's incredible. What a miracle your vet performed!
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Old 03/27/11, 11:05 AM
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DITTO on the vet!! Great!
Paul Bridges - LaCabra Farm; Uvalda, Georgia - USA
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Old 03/27/11, 11:25 AM
Join Date: Apr 2010
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You should name the babies Miracle And Grace! Might not be the most original name in the world, but the situation fits!
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Old 03/27/11, 11:36 AM
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I hope if I face that situation my vet will be able to do just the same but I would always opt to save my doe if I was faced with that very tough decision, that was probly so stressful for you to try & decide too.

I would use a heating pad or hot water bottles under an old towel for the babies to snuggle on, they figure out quickly here where the towel & warm spot is. Also you could make sweaters out of the sleeves of old sweatshirts for them to wear that will help too.

When things calm down a bit for you, we would all love to see pictures please?!
What sex did she have, girls I hope?
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Old 03/27/11, 01:09 PM
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Location: Northern MD
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Oh my! You really do have a great vet. Keeping fingers crossed that mom and babies continue to do well and you end up with three healthy goats!
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Old 03/27/11, 02:11 PM
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Location: Southern Idaho
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Just by way of encouragement, years ago we had a ND doe present with a huge buckling. Our vet decided to do a C-section as opposed to further stressing the doe. Outcome was perfect, baby lived and the doe went on to have unassisted deliveries in the future. We'd take his advice in the future in a heartbeat.

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Old 03/27/11, 02:16 PM
thaiblue12's Avatar
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Location: CO
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Yay for your vet in saving them all. The mom will do fine, and be back to normal in a couple of days. With my goat's C-Section it was too late for the baby, cost alot and no baby to show for it, oh well.
I am glad it turned out well for you.
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Old 03/27/11, 02:23 PM
Oat Bucket Farm's Avatar
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That is so wonderful that your vet was able to save all of them. Congrats on the new babies! We need pics!
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Old 03/27/11, 03:29 PM
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Redding California
Posts: 1,967
Thanks everyone! I was pretty heartbroken to answer the vet when she asked which one to save... The babies finally started standing unassisted about 430 this morning, and began to walk by 630. I have a heating pad for them because I could feel how cold their mouths were when I was feeding them.
I took a few pics with my cell phone, If I can get someones email, I can send them to you and you can post them for me. I have tried to post pics before but I just cant figure it out... :/
BTW.... I forgot to mention that after I got my c-section doe in her iso pen my FF Nupine decided to have her 11 lb. buckling get stuck... shes fine too, but its so funny to see how he towers over the 6 lb. babies!
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Old 03/27/11, 05:47 PM
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Wow, good for your vet! Keep em warm.
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Old 03/27/11, 07:15 PM
Lucas Farm & WV Raw Milk
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That is a great ending - hope the doe pulls through
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Old 03/27/11, 07:31 PM
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What an experience. I give the doe vitamin C and E for healing.
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