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Old 01/26/11, 06:11 PM
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Making new goat shelter with pallets

So I am trying to make my new goat shelters using the materials listed as 'free' on Craigslist. I have a stead supply of pallets locally.

I think I can re-use this junk wood rather effectively in making new goat shelters... however, what tips might one have for taking the pallets apart? I am using the claw of a hammer and a small sledge to start prying the pieces apart then using nippers to remove the nails.

The wood is quite thin in most cases and if not reasonably careful I can split it while trying to pry nails loose from the psuedo 2x4's used as the frames.

Any tricks or tips for de-construction out there?
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Old 01/26/11, 06:54 PM
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I try to reuse & repurpose whenever I can & I've been collecting free pallets with the same idea in mind. I have already used to whole pallets, not taken apart, as gates to 2 barn stalls. The hardware was expensive, but the gates free! They are working out great cuz they're heavy duty for the goats. U tube has some great videos of people making sheds, barns, etc completely out of pallets. There's one video in particular that demonstrates taking apart the pallets. The only thing is, they are not pressure treated. Good luck!
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Old 01/26/11, 06:56 PM
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Awesome. I will have to cruise youtube and see what I can find. My confidence that I can do this is renewed! ... but my hands hurt :-P
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Old 01/26/11, 07:04 PM
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goats tend to chew on everything. make sure the wood is/was not treated with pesticides or with other nasties.
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Old 01/26/11, 10:00 PM
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I have used complete pallets to make a house for baby goats, I used treated 2"x4" to connect and hold the pallets together and then placed treated 1/2 " ply wood on the out side of the pallets once I have them connected together. I nailed 2"x4" across the top and used a pallet to make the top also. I cut a opening in the front for the goats to enter the house. I made the house in 2003 and its almost as good as the day I made it. The house is big enough for 3 grown goats to fit in it, but its not their primary house now but I do look out sometimes and see them in it. I made it for my last three bottle babies which will be 8 in March. I set the pallet house on 3/4 ply wood as the bottom. I also used a pallet for the top and covered it with plywood, I have since placed a piece of solid rubber truck bed liner on the top to shed water better just because I had the liner and wasn't using it anymore.
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Old 01/26/11, 10:15 PM
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I have used a bi-metal blade in a sawsall and it works real well. You won't split the boards that way. Just insert the blade and cut thru the nails.
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Old 01/27/11, 11:41 AM
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If the pallets are free I would use them whole without taking them apart. The walls should be stronger that way.
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Old 01/27/11, 12:21 PM
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We use whole pallets here, but we've also dismantled pallets with the good ol' Sawzall.

Dang, that thing is just pure genius!
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