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Old 01/14/11, 07:45 PM
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Dairy Goat Feed Mix

I am looking at starting to mix my own feed because the price of the pellets I've been buying for the past 18 months seems to go up each time I order another load. I was wondering if it would be more cost effective to mix my own. I'm paying about $250 for 1,000 lbs. of pellets.

If you have a mix that you use, would you share in with me?

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Old 01/14/11, 09:33 PM
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We use 50# oats, 50# barley, 1 cup yeast, 3# boss, 4# beet pulp, and 24 oz molasses. We put all ingredients into a food grade barrel and the on to a home made mixer for 30 minutes.
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Old 01/14/11, 10:48 PM
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West Central Minnesota
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I use rolled corn and oats.......$6.00/50# bag and a 37% all dairy cow concentrate pellets at $10.00/50# I mix 4 parts corn/oats to one part concentrate so its about 15.5% does love it. 1#/day when dry and pregnant...1# to 2.5# of milk produced. I tried a bag of prepared goat feed--they didn't like it. I feed second cutting orchard grass with some alfalfa in it- about 3# per doe. Free choice Purina Goat mineral and a white salt block.
Basically its what they get used to being fed.

$250 for a 1000 is 25 cent a pound that;s pretty expensive........
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Old 01/14/11, 11:08 PM
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i am using purina's noble goat pellets, less than 10bucks for 50lb bag. my old gal has never ever done so well! i am not switching again, this stuff is nice. i also like to 'open bag, feed goat'. i would mix if it were worth it, but since i am not a nutritionist, and only have a few, its better interest for my gals to buy it done up.
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Old 01/15/11, 02:05 AM
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Right now, I'm using the Noble Goat 16 percent protein dairy feed. That and alfalfa pellets and hay (both alfalfa and grass.) Mix in a SMALL amount of BOSS and oats for entertainment.

When it's cold, I toss in small amounts of cracked corn.

Their main feed is the alfalfa. The other is on the stand feed, primarily.
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Old 01/15/11, 09:28 AM
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215 pounds of corn
110 pounds of whole oats
125 38% pellet
40 molasses
1 vitADE
12 2-1 mineral
$82.47 in Dec
worked out to a touch over 16% if I remember correctly

Free choice hay and we also keep a mineral block around
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